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Activities Update

October 1996

Sabre is developing a World Wide Web inter-active resource site on book donation programs and agencies world-wide. The site will cover subject specialization, geographical focus and contact information.

Pilot Document Delivery Service. With a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Sabre and Prague-based "Plantnet" are implementing a pilot document delivery service in Eastern Europe. "Plantnet", a project of the Prague Institute of Advanced Studies, includes scientists working in plant biology, agriculture, environment, medicine and ecology. Documents will be ordered via the Internet and sent to the pilot sites over the Internet, by fax, or mail.

CD-ROM Project for Digital Preservation. With a grant from the Ukrainian Studies Fund, Sabre staff are exploring the feasibility of a low-cost and portable digital camera/CD-ROM recordable module that can be used for preserving archival materials. This pilot project focuses on research, technical advising, hardware and software purchase, and content indexing.

The Ukraine: FAQ Plus archive has greatly expanded its subject range from Business/Commerce, Culture, and Publications to Economics, Law, Language and History. The archive is currently sponsoring World Wide Web "Homepages" for a number of institutions including the Ukrainian Legal Foundation in Kyiv, Ukraine.

URL for Ukraine: FAQ Plus:

Training on Internet Resources and Tools. Sabre continues to provide Internet training for overseas clients at the Sabre office in Cambridge. Such services are being expanded to include in-country training abroad as funding becomes available. Examples follow:

Support for Sabre's WWW and Gopher sites has been provided by public and private funds.
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