Library and Information Technology Services

(Formerly the "Internet-based Technical Assistance Project")

Sabre Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing educational materials to the former Communist bloc. Since 1986, Sabre Foundation has donated over 2 million books and journals to its established programs in countries in Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union (FSU) and other countries in transition. Sabre has expanded the concept of book donation to include information technology-related programs. Support for these services have been provided by public and private donors.

In order to help meet the information needs of Sabre's constituency overseas, a series of services have been designed to provide sites in the FSU with information, tools and skills needed in the electronic era. As information is increasingly disseminated via electronic means, Sabre strives to better serve the information needs of institutions in Eastern Europe and FSU by assisting individuals in Eastern Europe and FSU through the development of projects relevant to the transition to a market-oriented democracy. Sabre's various electronic-based services work in tandem and are a complement to the book donation program. Current initiatives include:

On-going Reference: Sabre's staff reference librarian assists specific institutions in the FSU in culling information from the Internet and selected commercial databases.
Internet Training: Sabre trains visiting overseas clients at the Sabre office and as funding permits, has expanded this service to include training outside the U.S.
Library Development: Staff works with overseas institutions to develop library collections and utilize appropriate information technologies.
Currently Sabre is assisting the Ukrainian Legal Foundation (ULF) in the development of a national law library in Ukraine. Please see Ukrainian Legal Library Rule-of-Law Project page for additional information.
Equipment and Book Purchase: As funds allow, Sabre purchases telecommunications equipment and specialized Internet manuals for selected institutions in the FSU.
Ukraine FAQ Plus Archive: An Internet-based archive containing a variety of bibliographic and full-text documents on Ukraine.

Information on current LITS projects can be found in the LITS -- Activities Update page.

Support for Sabre's WWW and Gopher sites has been provided by public and private funds.

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