Ukrainian Legal Library Rule-of-Law Project

The Sabre Foundation is assisting the Ukrainian Legal Foundation (ULF) in the development of a national law library in Ukraine through the expansion of the library's collection, adoption of an appropriate cataloging system, the extension of a computer network linking law libraries in Ukraine, and training on Internet-based resources. Sabre is a non-profit organization specializing in book donation programs in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The law library development program is funded through the Rule of Law Program of the United States Agency for International Development (US AID) administered by ARD/Checchi.

The library, the first specialized legal library in Ukraine, is intended to meet the needs of scholars, law students, lawyers, judges, members of parliament and government and their staffs as well as the general public.

Sabre is soliciting materials from sources including publishers, law firms, libraries, universities, individuals and bar associations. Priorities include hornbooks, treatises, federal statutes and regulations; international, comparative and constitutional law; commercial law; human rights law and European Community law; restatements and uniform laws; and reference works. To date, Sabre Foundation has sent the ULF 1,602 books, journals and other law-related materials.

A library consultant is advising the ULF on the adaptation of an appropriate cataloging system. The Soviet cataloging system subdivided legal materials into four categories, as opposed to the more than one-hundred categories under the Library of Congress system. The new catalog will be computerized to allow for inter-library loan between libraries across the country and can serve as the basis for a new national cataloging system. Libraries will also have access to the database of legal terminology being prepared by the Ukrainian Legal Foundation.

As part of the project, Sabre is conducting trainings for librarians, law students and legal researchers in accessing legal materials via the Internet and other computer networks. Information obtained through these electronic means is often more current and more easily obtained than in printed form.

Sabre has ongoing book donation programs in fifteen countries of Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, and other parts of the world. Other Sabre programs include technical assistance and training on Internet on-line resources. The Ukrainian Legal Foundation was established in 1992 to pursue projects in institution building that promote the establishment of the rule of law in Ukraine.

If you would like to more information or to contribute materials, contact Rebecca Schneider. e-mail:

Support for Sabre's WWW and Gopher sites has been provided by public and private funds.

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