Low-Cost Purchase Program

As its name implies, Sabre's Low Cost Purchase Program is a means whereby US and overseas non-profit organizations can purchase educational materials at highly advantageous prices for educational institutions and cultural and professional organizations in Eastern Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU). The Program is designed to complement Sabre's donation programs. The purchase option is particularly suitable for reference and English-language teaching materials which are donated only very infrequently. Sabre has negotiated favorable discount terms with a number of publishers in these subject areas and has made this capacity available to all the countries in which the Foundation is active. Organizations wishing to purchase materials apply directly to Sabre, which places the orders with the publishers. The books are then delivered to the purchaser or to Sabre's own warehouse, for shipment overseas.

The Purchase Program operates as part of Sabre's Scientific Assistance Project (SAP). Established in 1986, SAP is one of the largest donors of books to Eastern Europe and the FSU. Over the past nine years, it has sent more than two million books to this region, benefitting thousands of educational, professional and cultural institutions, and countless individual recipients.

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