Book Distribution Center

Pallets of donated books are received and inventoried in a converted mill building in Lawrence, 25 miles north of Boston, where Sabre occupies 68,000 square feet with its stock of a million and a half volumes.

From there, 20- and 40ft ocean freight containers are loaded and shipped to local partners around the world.

In Memory of Touch Heng

At this time the Warehouse would like to take a moment to remember one of our staff, Touch Heng “Glenn”, who passed away over the weekend. Glenn and his brother Song Heng “Tony” have worked at the Warehouse for many years now and not only had they become part of the Sabre Family, they also became an extension to the Hantzis Family. Glenn was an integral part of the operations of this Warehouse and the production of shipments to our partnering organizations. They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and prior to this weekend this Warehouse had no weak links. Glenn’s passing will have a major impact not only upon Sabre but on the lives of us who spent time with Glenn. We have essentially lost one our family and this Warehouse will never be the same without him. Glenn’s relentless work ethic, dedication and determination helped Sabre meet our shipping obligations, especially at the end of year crunch. In the same manner we have been touched by Glenn, it can be said that Glenn was touched by Sabre and our staff. Growing up in the life they have, refugee camps and the aftermath of the Pol Pot regime, escaping to a new life in America, Glenn and Tony were able to have something that nobody could take away. The friendship and bonds we have created over the years and my father and I pushing Glenn to see his homeland again, made Glenn happy as we were told by his family. The Warehouse will continue as we must do, but we will never be the same without our friend and family member no longer with us. Glenn’s passing will be a difficult loss to overcome.

Bill and John Hantzis
Sabre Foundation Warehouse
Lawrence, Massachusetts
April 24, 2007