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Fred A. Coffey, Jr., directed public diplomacy (USIA) activities in Brazil, Nicaragua, Thailand, Grenada, Indonesia and Argentina over a 35 year period. Eight and a half years in Medan, Surabaya and Jakarta with local fund raising resulted in establishment of the American Studies Center at the University of Indonesia, the American University Alumni Association for Indonesian students who studied in the US to continue their contact with America, enhanced Fulbright and Humphrey scholarship programs and a large multi-activity to promote democracy in the above countries including keeping the military in their barracks and functioning under civilian direction. As a youth in Paraguay, Coffey learned the importance of the binational Centro Cultural Paraguayo-Estados Unidos, its books and English teaching. It made a lasting impression about the need for engagement, ideas, books, personal contact with opinion leaders, persuasive discussion in the local language, and informational tools in furthering bilateral understanding while promoting US foreign policy objectives.

Fred has a BA in International Economics from Texas University, a MA from Louisiana State University in International Economics, additional courses at American University, Harvard University and an MA equivalent at the National War College. Fred directed the Indonesian Service at the Voice of America and later the East Asia - Pacific Division. Fred then became Professor of International Relations at the National War College. Fred speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Indonesian. Fred also served in US Marine Corps as captain in the Korean War.

Following retirement from USIA as a senior Foreign Service officer, established Coffey Associates (international consulting) in McLean, VA. Fred observes and supervises elections in the Balkans, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Continues working to rebuild the US public diplomacy instrument following its (USIA) dismemberment in the Department of State. Fred works closely with the United States - Indonesia Society.