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Robert I. Rotberg is Director of the Belfer Center's Program on Intrastate Conflict and Conflict Resolution at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and a member of BCSIA’s board of directors. He is also President of the World Peace Foundation. He was Professor of Political Science and History, MIT; Academic Vice President, Tufts University; and President, Lafayette College. He was a member of the Secretary of State's Advisory Panel on Africa, 2003-2004, and was a Presidential appointee to the Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is a Trustee of Oberlin College. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles on US foreign policy, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, most recently When States Fail: Causes and Consequences (2004), State Failure and State Weakness in a Time of Terror (2003), Ending Autocracy, Enabling Democracy: The Tribulations of Southern Africa 1960–2000 (2002), Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement in Africa: Methods of Conflict Prevention (2001), Truth v. Justice: The Morality of Truth Commissions (2000), Creating Peace in Sri Lanka: Civil War and Reconciliation (1999), Burma: Prospects for a Democratic Future (1998), War and Peace in Southern Africa: Crime, Drugs, Armies, and Trade (1998), Haiti Renewed: Political and Economic Prospects (1997), Vigilance and Vengeance: NGOs Preventing Ethnic Conflict in Divided Societies (1996), From Massacres to Genocide: The Media, Public Policy and Humanitarian Crises (1996), and The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power (1988, new ed. 2002).