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Early journalism and politics, 1960-75

Auspitz worked as editor and writer on the Harvard Crimson, Mosaic, Harvard Review, Liberian Star, Helsinki Youth News, Jerusalem Post, West African Pilot, and Ripon Forum. In addition, he was a regular contributor to the Editorial and Outlook sections of the Washington Post from 1969-72. He has also contributed articles and reviews to such publications as Harpers, New Republic, Commentary, Washington Monthly, and the New York Times Book Review.

Essays on Philosophers

His longer published articles since 1976 have included pieces promoting broader recognition of under-appreciated philosophical writers who provide new logical grounds for a theory of modern institutions:

On Charles Sanders Peirce

"The Greatest Living American Philosopher," review essay on the papers of Charles Sanders Peirce, Commentary, December 1983, and Letters, March 1984.

"The Wasp Leaves the Bottle," review essay on Charles Peirce, American Scholar, Fall, 1994.

On Michael Oakeshott

"Individuality, Civility, Theory: The Philosophical Imagination of Michael Oakeshott", Political Theory, August 1976.

"Up From Babel," A Review of "On History and Other Essays", National Review, February 10, 1984.

"Michael Oakeshott (1901-1990)," American Scholar, Summer 1991.

“Olin Memorial Lecture”

On Tadeusz Kotarbinski and Polish Philosophy

"Why Praxiology Needs a New Philosophical Definition", Praxiology, 1983. (also in Polish)

"O spolnosci prakseologii i etyki w filozofii Tadeusza Kotarbinskiego", Prakseologia, 1988. also in English: "A Note on the Coherence of Praxiology and Ethics in the Philosophy of Tadeusz Kotarbinski" in Auspitz, et. al., editors, "Praxiologies and the Philosophy of Economics", The International Annual of Practical Philosophy and Methodology, Vol. 1, 1992.

"Where Philosophy Matters," Commentary, June 1989.

A few other representative articles of interest

“The Education of Herbert”, Harvard Crimson.

“The True Liberal”, American Spectator.

Libertarianism Without Law , review of Nozick, Commentary

“Decision and Choice”

“Modality and Compossibility”