Collaborative Programs

Sabre collaborated with many other U.S. organizations active in the same geographical area to stretch available resources by providing procurement, shipping and distribution services. Among these were: Action for Post-Soviet Jewry, for books to Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, under Sabre's Dr. Gerald Davidson Memorial Program; the American Bar Association's Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI), for legal books and reference materials to law schools and CEELI libraries in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine; Solomon R. Baker Library at Bentley College, for economics, business and English books and journals for the Tallinn Technical Institute in Estonia; The Brother's Brother Foundation, for two shipments of medical books to Slovakia; the Harvard Ukrainian Studies Fund, for shipment of Ukrainian-language books published by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and Ukrainian-language collections from the Diaspora, as well as computers, printers and technical equipment; and the Ukrainian National Women's League of America (UNWLA), for donated books and journals.

During the year Sabre also collaborated with the Center for Health, Education and Economic Research (CHEER), Cultural Survival, the Snow Lion Foundation and Matthew Lorin of the Student Human Rights Exchange (SHARE) for the shipment of more than 15,000 elementary books to ten schools serving Tibetan refugee children in Nepal; and with Project Bosnia and Project Hope, for delivery of over 5,000 medical books and journals to medical facilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.