Annual Report 1994



Sabre Foundation depends largely for annual program support on grant-making private foundations, associations, corporations, individual gifts and government awards. In addition to financial donations, it benefits greatly from services contributed in-kind and at reduced rates, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Individual donors and private associations continued to furnish an important component of Sabre's funding, especially in areas not covered by foundation and government guidelines.

During 1994 financial support was received from the following sources:

$100,000 and over
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
United States Information Agency

$25,000 and over
Anonymous (1)
William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
Eurasia Foundation (U.S. Agency for International Development)
National Endowment for Democracy
Alfred Strouts
U.S. Agency for International Development (Ocean Freight Reimbursement)

$5,000 and over
Ukrainian National Association

$1,000 and over
Kenneth G. Bartels
Richard Gere and the Tibet Fund
Harold Lorin
J. Eugene and Anne Marie Marans
Arkadi Mulak-Yatzkivsky
A. Jesse Norman
Slovak Research Institute of America
Pamela M. Thye
Ukrainian National Women's League of America

Under $1,000
Michael T. Barry
Sarita B. Choate
Laurence B. Flood
Charles Getchell
Jan Hajda
Areta Halibey
George Sim Johnston III
Felicia G. Kolp
Anna F. Kubik
Dr. and Mrs. Bohdan M. Mryc
Anne S. Ryan
Walter J. Schubert
Stanley W. Stillman
Ukrainian Studies Fund
Richard H. Ullman
J. Jackson Walter


(* Denotes 1994 participant; + denotes Reduced-Cost Journals publisher)

Abt Books
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture *
American Academy for the Advancement of Science
American Academy of Arts & Sciences *
American Arbitration Association
American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
American Assembly *
American Council of Learned Societies
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
American Medical Association
American Philosophical Society
American Physical Society

Beacon Press
Blackwell Publishers
Blackwell Scientific +
Brookings Institute
Brother's Brother Foundation/McGraw-Hill Publishing
Brother's Brother Foundation/Raven Press *
Brother's Brother Foundation/Williams & Wilkins *
Bureau of National Affairs *
Butterworth Medical Publishers +

Center for Strategic and International Studies *
Chatham House Publishers *
CHEER/Scott, Foresman & Company *
Chelsea Green Publishing Company *
Christopher Publishing
Churchill Livingstone +
Citizens Democracy Corps
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
College Art Association *
Columbia Journalism Review *
Columbia University Press
Comptroller of the Currency *
Council on Foreign Relations
CRC Press *

D & B Reports *
Digital Equipment Corporation *

The Economist
Elsevier Scientific Publishers/Pergamon +

Fairleigh Dickinson University (The Literary Review) *
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for the U.S. Constitution *

Garland Publishing Co. *
Georgetown University Press
Grune & Stratton

Hackett Publishing
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Health & Energy Institute
Hegeler Institute
Historical Research Foundation
Hoover Institution Press
Houghton Mifflin Company *
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

ILR Press, Cornell University
Indiana University Press *
Institute for East-West Security Studies
Institute for Scientific Information +
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) *
IEEE Communications Society *
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) *
IOS Press +

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation

Kluwer Academic Publishers +
Kluwer Law & Taxation Publishers *

RIGHT: Rafshan Sabirov, Director of the Samarkand Information Center, Uzbekistan, a recipient of Sabre books and computer equipment

LEFT: Staff of Sabre-Svitlo at offices and reading room in L'viv, Ukraine

Laissez-Faire Books
Libertarian Press
Libraries Unlimited *
Liss Medical Publishers
Little, Brown & Company

Macmillan Publishing
Macmillan/McGraw Hill (Glencoe Division)
Massachusetts Medical Society *
McFarland & Company *
McGraw-Hill (College Division) *
McGraw-Hill (Professional Division) *
ME Sharpe
R. S. Means Company
Medical Economics Books
Mercury House
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Miller Freeman

National Center for America's Founding
Documents, Boston University *
National Endowment for Democracy
National Geographic Society
New England Journal of Medicine *
New Press
Newsweek International
New York Academy of Sciences *
Northern Illinois University Press

O'Reilly & Associates *

Pantheon Books
F. E. Peacock Publishers
Perspectives in American History
Problems of Eastern Europe *
Project Hope/Mosby-Yearbook *
Project Hope/Watson-Guptill Publications

Rand McNally & Company
Random House
Reference Press
Resources for the Future

St. Martin's Press
Sargent Welch Scientific Co.
W. B. Saunders Co.
Schenkman Books
Schocken Books
Simon & Schuster International Group *
Sinauer Associates
Slavica Press
Springer Verlag +

Twentieth Century Fund *

Ukrainian Art Digest

United Nations Publications (Geneva) *
United Nations Publications (New York) *
Univelt Incorporated
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division*
University of Iowa Press
University of Kentucky, Department of Classics
University of Massachusetts Press *
University of New Mexico Press
University Press of Virginia
University of Washington Press
University of Wisconsin Press

Vintage Press
VSP Science Publishers +

Wadsworth Publishing Co.
Watson-Guptill Publications
Wayne State University Press *
West Publishing Company *
John Wiley & Sons * +
Williams & Wilkins, Waverly International *
World Policy Institute
Worldwatch Institute

York Press

(Many of the above publishers are represented by the publishing consultant Max Celnik, Inc., whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.)

Kulzhikhan Abugalieva, Director of the Library, Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan, which receives Sabre book donations.

1994 Donors of Special Collections and Other Materials

Americans for Human Rights in Ukraine
Peter B. Bandera, M.D.
Bentley College - Solomon Baker Library
Marie Bloch
Mark Borowsky, M.I.T.
Buh River Region Association
Central and East European Law Initiative of the American Bar Association
Civil Society Development Program
Prof. Alexander Dallin
Betty Fortenberry/Davis-Kidd Booksellers
Anne and Roy Freed
Estate of Prof. Frank Friedel, Harvard Univ.
Prof. Emeritus Richard N. Frye
Eugene Gerard, Ph. D.
Dr. Wasyl Gorbachuck, Michigan State
Prof. Emeritus Eugene Hammel, UC Berkeley
Dr. Philip R. Harris
Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
Holyoke Community College
Dr. Edmund H. Immergut
Indiana State University - Dept. of Economics
Felicia G. Kolp
Prof. Gail W. Lapidus
Prof. Victor S. Mamatey
Amy Millen
Modern Language Association
Estate of Prof. William H. Riker
Michael T. Saldyt
Shevchenko Scientific Society
Bennett Simon, M.D.
Prof. Eric Stein, Univ. of Michigan Law School
Ukrainian National Women's League of America
Ukrainian Free University Foundation, Inc.
Ukrainian Studies Fund, Inc.
Wayne State University
Wayne State University Libraries
Prof. Bardie Wolfe, St. Thomas Univ. School of Law
Prof. George I. Zahalak, Washington Univ.
Dr. Sergei Zhuk, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Fr. Z. Zlochowsky

Project Director Tania Vitvitsky with Sabre books at the partially-rebuilt library of the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

1994 In-kind Donors of Services

Arthur Andersen & Company
John L. G. Archibald
Josiah Lee Auspitz
Lida Bilous
Cassidy & Associates
Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton
Dunn & Co., Inc.
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Mark T. Munger

Below: Views of the devastation at the Centre and its two libraries--including the American Studies Library--where more than 25,000 books were destroyed by fire after mortar shelling in December 1991. The Centre, founded two decades ago, had over 240 university members from more than 40 countries and offered interdisciplinary postgraduate studies in the humanities, social studies, natural sciences, medicine and technology. The Centre's sponsors have undertaken to rebuild the facilities, and to restore its work in international cooperation.

(Photo at right by Bozidar Dukic, at left by Zeljko Soletic; from "Dubrovnik in War" (1994), copyright © by Matica hrvatska -- Ogranak Dubrovnik)


Statement of Support and Revenue, Expenses and Change in Fund Balance (Excerpted from Sabre's audited financial statements, prepared by Pannell Kerr Forster, P.C.)

[Please note that in order to view this table properly, a monospaced font must be selected in the "fixed font" option of your World Wide Web browser software.]

Year Ended December 31:                        1994                1993
                                    Unrestricted   Endowment   Unrestricted
                                    ____________   _________   ____________
Support and revenue
  Contributions and grants
    Cash                              $   529,925              $   583,527
       Books and equipment             10,251,589                9,526,004
       Services                            47,947                   39,970
                                        _________                _________
                                       10,829,461               10,149,501
  Interest                                  7,274                    5,089
  Royalties and fees                         ---                       963
                                       __________               __________
    Total support & revenue           $10,836,735              $10,155,553
                                       __________               __________
  Program services
    Scientific Assistance Project
       Expenditures,including in-kind
         services of $19,688 in 1994      479,236                  474,709
       Grants in-kind                  10,251,589                9,526,004
    Philosophy of Institutions Project     23,333                    8,348
                                        _________                _________
       Total program services          10,754,158               10,009,061
  Supporting services
    General administration, including in-                      
     kind services of $28,259 and $39,970  96,627                   94,836
    Fund raising                            8,538                    9,708
                                        _________                _________
       Total supporting services          105,165                  104,544
                                        _________                _________
       Total expenses                  10,859,323               10,113,605
                                        _________                _________
    Excess of (deficiency) of support 
      and revenue over expenses before 
      capital additions                    22,588                   41,948
                                        _________                _________
Capitol additions--contributions for:
    Acquirement of equipment                5,773                       --
    Endowment                                  --     $ 41,438          -- 
                                         _________    _________  _________
    Total capital additions                 5,773       41,438          --
                                         _________    _________  _________
      Excess of (deficiency) of support 
       and revenue over expenses before 
       capital additions                 (16,815)       41,438      41,948
Fund balances -- beginning of year         89,015          --       47,067
                                         _________    _________  _________
Fund balances -- end of year             $ 72,200     $ 41,438   $  89,015
                                 *    *    *

Note to our readers: For accounting purposes, donations in-kind are recorded as expended in the same fiscal year that they are received. As the donated books may not be re-sold, they hold no commercial value for Sabre Foundation, and are therefore not carried as inventory in our audited financial statements. The fair market value (FMV) of the actual inventory on hand on January 1, 1994, was $6,927,892; allocations during 1994 were valued at $9,847,361; and the FMV of inventory on December 31, 1994, was $7,332,110.