Low-Cost Purchase Program and Matching Fund

Under the Low-Cost Purchase Program, started in 1991, Sabre purchases requested materials at substantial discounts from list prices. This program has been made available to all of the countries served by Sabre Foundation, provided sponsored funding is available. During 1994, Sabre negotiated with publishers for the purchase of materials on behalf of:

LEFT: Galina L. Tzesarskaja (center), Director of Bibliomarket, a lending library and business information center in Moscow, examines book donations with staff and Colin McCullough, Sabre Program Officer.

RIGHT: Staff with Sabre books at Russian State Humanitarian University Library, Moscow.

To encourage private-sector purchases of educational materials not usually received through donations, Sabre also set up in 1991 a Matching Fund, to which The Andrew W. Mellon Foun- dation made a $100,000 contribution to benefit Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The following matching grants were made in 1994, the fourth year of the Fund, and as of the fourth year of the Fund, and as of year-end all but about $3,000 of the Fund had been expended:

Czech Republic and Slovakia