The Translation and Publication Program

1994 saw the publication and sale by Znak of Krakow of a second series of five Polish translations of basic American and British business books: In Pursuit of Profit, by C. Harvey and B. Sykes; and four studies by the U.S. National Institute of Business Management originally published by Berkley Publishing: Mastering Business Style, Mastering Decision Making, Mastering Meetings, and Mastering Office Politics. With a previous series produced in 1991-92, this brought the number of these books translated and on sale in Poland to 106,000. The project was funded by grants from the William H. Donner Foundation.

Encouraged by the Polish results, the Donner Foundation made a similar grant to Sabre for Ukrainian-language publication of: Your Small Business Made Simple, by Richard Gallagher; The Greatest Sales and Marketing Book and The Greatest Little Business Book, both by Peter Hingston; Do Your Own Market Research, by Paul Hague and Peter Jackson; and Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt. Difficult local conditions in Ukraine slowed the pace of this project, but by year-end revised translations were nearly complete, and the first volume was scheduled for publication by Sabre-Svitlo of L'viv in May 1995.

Sabre's role in these projects has been to negotiate foreign-language rights agreements and to maintain liasion with the local partners. In addition, a workshop on literary property rights was conducted in Ukraine in October by Charles Getchell, Sabre's publications counsel.

Cover of Ukrainian-language paperback edition of "Your Small Business Made Simple," by Richard R. Gallagher, published by permission of Doubleday, a division of Bantam DoubledayDell Publishing Group, with funding from the William H. Donner Foundation