Monetary Contributions

During the three years 1993-95, financial support was received from the following sources in the cumulative amounts indicated:
$100,000 and over

    William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
    Eurasia Foundation (U.S. Agency for International Development)
    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

    U.S. Agency for International Development (Ocean Freight Reimbursement)
    United States Information Agency
    The Whitehead Foundation

$25,000 and over

    Anonymous (2)
    ARD/Checchi Joint Venture (USAID)

    National Endowment for Democracy
    Alfred Strouts
$5,000 and over

    Anonymous (2)
    Reuben Auspitz
    Dubow Foundation
    Donald E. Graham
    Grassroots International
    J. Eugene and Anne Marie Marans
    Arkadi Mulak-Yatzkivsky
    A. Jesse Norman
    Anne D. and Thomas E. Petri (includes matching fund commitment)
    Ukrainian National Association
    George White

At 25th anniversary dinner: Henry Luce III, Chairman, The Henry Luce Foundation (left) with Kenneth G. Bartels, Sabre Director, Vice President and Treasurer

$1,000 and over

    Kenneth G. Bartels
    Bentley College
    Sarita B. Choate
    Citibank N. A.
    Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Foundation
    Gartner Foundation
    Richard Gere and the Tibet Fund
    David Hendler

    Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
    George Sim Johnston III
    Elizabeth Lorin
    Harold Lorin
    David Rockefeller
    Pamela Thye
    Slovak Research Institute of America
    Ukrainian National Women's League of America
    Peter J. Wallison
Under $1,000

    American Croatian Club
    Americans for Human Rights in Ukraine
    John L. G. Archibald
    Leonard J. Baldyga
    Michael T. Barry
    Lydia and Volodymyr Bazarko
    Peter Baugher
    Marijan Boskovic
    Max Celnik, Inc.
    Center for the Study of Democracy
    CFU Ivan Mestrostiv Lodge
    Dana Chasin
    Rosemary Chelio
    Chemical Bank
    Stephan and Maria Chemych
    Alexandra H. Coburn
    T. J. Coolidge
    Robert Devecchi
    Maureen Drummy
    Julie Finley
    Laurence B. Flood
    Roy and Anne Freed
    Anna Trojanowska-Bitka, Resource Manager,Free Enterprise Transition Center, Akademia Ekonomiczna, Kraków, Poland

    Charles Getchell
    Paul F. Glenn
    Margaret Gregg
    Borys A. Gudziak
    Jan Hajda
    Areta Halibey
    Harvard University
    Richard Henry
    Peter Hodak
    Rhoda S. Honigberg
    Hornblow Foundation
    Michael and Caroline Hornblow
    International Research & Exchanges Bd.
    Stanko Jelenic
    Felicia G. Kolp
    Anna F. Kubik
    James S. Libera
    Dunja Maglica
    Massachusetts-Ukraine Citizens Bridge
    Dr. and Mrs. Bohdan M. Mryc
    Mark T. Munger
    Peace Corps of the United States
    Nicolas Pentcheff
    Phillip Olsson
    Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
    John R. Price
    Daniel and Joanna Rose
    Anne S. Ryan
    Walter J. Schubert
    Eugene Steckiw (in memory of Maria Solchanyk)
    Robert G. Stern
    Stanley W. Stillman
    Ukrainian Studies Fund - Harvard Univ.
    Richard H. Ullman
    University of California
    Zeljko and Zdenka Urban
    Roman Voronka
    John Walker
    J. Jackson Walter
    Cynthia E. Weir
    Katherine B. Winter

1995 In-kind Donors of Services

In addition to the above financial donations, in-kind services valued at more than $230,000 were provided by the following:

    John L. G. Archibald
    Josiah Lee Auspitz
    Leonard J. Baldyga
    Cassidy & Associates
    Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton
    Vivian Day
    Ward Detičge
    Dunn & Co., Inc.
    Michael and Caroline Hornblow
    Macgregor Mills
    Daniel C. Matuszewski
    Rolf Nelson
    Various: donated trucking services
Sabre Program Officer Colin McCullough (second from right) with representatives of Sabre's new Russian partner at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University. (From left) Professor Dmitry V. Puzankov, Vice Rector; Svyatoslava V. Semyonova, International Department Director; and Professor Dr. Alexander E. Yanchevsky, Chairman, LETI-Lovanium Int'l School of Management