(* Denotes 1995 participant; ‡ denotes Reduced-Cost Journals publisher)

Abt Books
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture
American Academy for the Advancement of Science
American Academy of Arts & Sciences *
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons *
American Arbitration Association
American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
American Assembly *

American Council of Learned Societies
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
American Medical Association *
American Philosophical Society
American Physical Society
The American Scholar
American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Apex Press *
Association of Engineering Geologists *

Staff and volunteers, Scientific Technology and Language Institute, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Beacon Press *
Blackwell Publishers
Blackwell Scientific ‡
British Medical Bulletin *
Brookings Institute
Brother's Brother Foundation/Raven Press
Brother's Brother Foundation/Simon & Schuster *
Brother's Brother Foundation/Williams & Wilkins
Bureau of Economic Geology *
Bureau of National Affairs
Butterworth Medical Publishers ‡

Center for Strategic and International Studies
Chatham House Publishers
CHEER/Scott, Foresman & Company
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Christopher Publishing
Churchill Livingstone ‡
Citizens Democracy Corps
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
College Art Association *

Colorado School of Mines *
Columbia Journalism Review *
Columbia University Press
Compass Press/Howells House *
Comptroller of the Currency
Council on Foreign Relations
CRC Press
Crown Publishing Group

D & B Reports
Digital Equipment Corporation

Dow Jones/Irwin

The Economist
Elsevier Scientific Publishers/Pergamon ‡

Erasmus of Rotterdam Society *
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers * ‡

Fairleigh Dickinson University (The Literary Review) *
Foundation for Economic Education

Foundation for the U.S. Constitution
W H Freeman & Company Publishers

Garland Publishing Co.
Georgetown University Press *

Grune & Stratton
Guilford Publications *

Hackett Publishing *
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Health & Energy Institute
Hegeler Institute
Historical Research Foundation

Hoover Institution Press
Houghton Mifflin Company
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Hudson Institute

ILR Press, Cornell University
Indiana Center on Global Change and World Peace *
Indiana University Press
Institute for East-West Security Studies
Institute for International Economics *
Institute for Scientific Information ‡
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) *
IEEE Communications Society
Institute of Transportation Engineers *
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
IOS Press ‡
Richard D. Irwin *
Island Press *

Exhibit of Sabre-donated medical books at City Hospital Lozenetz, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation

Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Kluwer Law & Taxation Publishers *
Alfred A. Knopf

Kraus International *

Laissez-Faire Books
R. G. Landes Co. *
Libertarian Press
Libraries Unlimited

Liss Medical Publishers
Little, Brown & Company
Lynne Rienner Publishers

Théo; and Olga Ruys (center) of English Cultural Center, Sabre's partner in Belarus, with representatives of Universities of Gomel and Vitebsk, and Janet Demiray, US Cultural Attache in Minsk (at right)

Macmillan Publishing
Massachusetts Medical Society *
McFarland & Company *
McGraw-Hill Companies *
ME Sharpe *
R. S. Means Company
Medical Economics Books
Mercury House
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Miller Freeman
Modern Language Association *
Mosby-Yearbook *
Museum of Modern Art *

National Center for America's Founding Documents, Boston University
National Endowment for Democracy
National Geographic Society
New England Journal of Medicine *
New Press

Newsweek International
New York Academy of Sciences *
New York University Press *
Northern Illinois University Press
W. W. Norton & Company

O'Reilly & Associates

Oryx Press

Pantheon Books
F. E. Peacock Publishers
Perspectives in American History
Philosophy Documentation Center *

Problems of Eastern Europe
Project Hope/Mosby-Yearbook *
Project Hope/Watson-Guptill Publications
Prolog Publishing

Rand McNally & Company
Random House
Reference Press
Resources for the Future

Rhythm Music Magazine *
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation *
Rutgers University Press *

St. Martin's Press
Sargent Welch Scientific Co.
W. B. Saunders Co.
Schenkman Books
Schocken Books
Seven Star Communications *

Simon & Schuster International Group
Sinauer Associates
Slavica Press
Springer Verlag ‡
Steck Vaughn Company

Texas A & M University Press *
Trans Tech Publications (Germany) *

Trans Tech Publications (Switzerland) *
Twentieth Century Fund

Ukrainian Art Digest
Ukrainian National Association (UNA) *
United Nations Publications (Geneva)
United Nations Publications (New York)
Univelt Incorporated
University of California, Institute of East Asian Studies *
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division*
University of Iowa Press
University of Kentucky, Dept. of Classics *
University of Massachusetts Press
University of New Mexico Press
University Press of Colorado *
University Press of Virginia
University of Washington Press
University of Wisconsin Press

Zakria Mohammad and Denis Kovalev of PERDCA in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, stacking World Book CD-ROM encyclopedias. Inventory is visible on computer screen.

Vintage Press

VSP Science Publishers ‡

Wadsworth Publishing Co.
Watson-Guptill Publications
Wayne State University Press
West Publishing Company *
Weston Woods *
John Wiley & Sons * ‡

Williams & Wilkins, Waverly International *
World Book Educational Products *
World Policy Institute
Worldwatch Institute
York Press
(Many of the above publishers are represented by the publishing consultancy firm Max Celnik, Inc., whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.)

1995 Donors of Special Collections and Other Materials

Americans for Human Rights in Ukraine
Babson College
Bentley College -- Solomon Baker Library
Steve Bertocci
Bloomington Crime Prevention Association
Mark Borowsky, M.I.T.
Marijan A. Boskovic, Ph. D., Kraft Foods, Inc.
Boston College Law Library *
Boston University
Central and East European Law Initiative of the American Bar Association (CEELI)
Marilyn S. Clark, University of Kansas
CLE Group *
Institute of War and Peace Studies -- Columbia University
Thelma C. Corner, M. A.
Damage Valuation Associates *
Robert J. DeFreitas
Dr. Maria Deinhart
Fathom Publishing Co. *
Anne and Roy Freed
J. Paul Getty Trust
Linda K. Harrison, Western Michigan Univ.
Haverford College
Paul M. Herbert Law Center
Michael Hlady
Dr. Edmund H. Immergut
International Book Project
International Center for Community Journalism
Johnson and Wales University Library
Felicia G. Kolp
Carol H. and Robert D. Krinsky
David E. Lavin, Ph. D.
Anne Bates Linden
Massachusetts Department of Education
M.I.T Libraries Gifts Office *
David Manachof
W. Mayer
Eugene Micevych
Modern Language Association of America

Arkadi Mulak-Yatzkivsky
Rev. Yaroslav Nalysnyk
Natural Resources Defense Council *
New York Public Library
Northeastern University Library
Victor Ostapchuk, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
Robert Pancoast
F. Whitten Peters, Esq. *
Roman Procyk
Elizabeth Reid
Dr. Gerald M. Sapers, Eastern Regional Research Center, ARS -- USDA
Bennett Simon, M. D.
Thomas W. Skladony, The Slovak Network
Social Law Library, Boston, Massachusetts *
Robert E. Stipe, Emeritus Professor of Design
Thormodsgard Law Library, University of North Dakota*
Helena Pavic, President, and Davor Sovagovic, Coordinator, Sabre-Zagreb, Croatia

Tuttle & Taylor *
Alexander Tuzhlin
University of Michigan School of Business Administration
Ukrainian Studies Fund, Inc.
Tania Vitvitsky
Donna Wolansky *
Walter E. Wood, Build a Wider Bridge
World Resources Institute *
Dr. Sergei Zhuk, Univ. of Pennsylvania: Phila- delphia Center for Early American Studies

* Includes donations for Rule of Law Program