Philosophy of Institutions Project

Sabre continues to support philosophical work by Josiah Lee Auspitz analyzing concepts that organize thought in modern institutions. His manuscript, focused on the concept of trust, treats issues in the philosophy of logic. This has led him during the past two years to a consultancy in the computer industry. He returns to full-time philosophy work under the sponsorship of the Sabre and Earhart Foundations in 1998/99.

Fellows Program

In tandem with other programs, Sabre awarded modest fellowships in the philosophy and practice of free institutions for grantee-designed projects. Two Sabre fellows, named in 1995, served in 1996:

Frederic Kellogg (left) with the Polish scholar Wojciech Gasparski, director of the"Invisible College," a special program for outstanding students

Frederic R. Kellogg lectured at Warsaw University in the spring of 1996 on the philosophy of law and rights, under the joint sponsorship of Sabre Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation. He has since been engaged in further research on the subject of his lectures, and has had several papers accepted for presentation at academic conferences in 1998. He has also been helping to organize a conference to be held in Karpacz, Poland, in May 1998 on "Democracy and the Post-Totalitarian Experience," co-sponsored by the Polish Branch of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy and its American affiliate.

Matthew Lorin worked at the Office of Democracy of the National Security Council under the Intergovernmental Personnel Mobility Program. His work, centering on the use of new information technologies to extend American public diplomacy, was extended for a second and final year, expiring in May 1997. He reported that "the NSC taught me a great deal about the challenges of implementing global human rights and democracy policies in the context of national politics, domestic budget priorities, and national security.

Sabre Fellow Matthew Lorin
As many of you know, this administration is the first to integrate human rights, democracy and humanitarian affairs directly into the national security decision-making process by creating the NSC's Democracy, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Affairs Directorate. I am thrilled to have participated in this historic change. . ."

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