Staff, Foreign Partners and Advisors

During 1997, Sabre welcomed Irene Danysh as part-time Public Relations Officer in the Cambridge office, after Marta Baziuk accepted a post in Ukraine. Ms. Danysh, a graduate of Brown University, has been a teacher of English literature in Ghana, and is now teaching courses to recently arrived Haitian immigrants in the Boston area. Also in 1997, Sabre benefited from the services of Harvard graduate student intern Kevin Nichols, which continue into 1998, and of Vadym Kovalyuk, a Muskie Fellow from Ukraine. Mr. Kovalyuk helped in Web document and CD-ROM production as well as in shipment preparation at the book warehouse. Ward Detiège from Belgium was helpful in both Sabre's office and at the warehouse.

Graduate student intern Kevin Nichols

Sabre's partner organizations abroad are supported by many full- and part-time staffers, volunteers and advisers.

Vadym Kovalyuk, Muskie Fellow from Ukraine, at Sabre's Cambridge office

Space limitations prevent the mention of all of them in this report, but special thanks are due to the following individuals for their valuable help during 1996/97: in Belarus, Vladimir Dounaev, Olga and Theo Ruys, and Svetlana Vinnik; in Belgium, George Bustin, Laurent Garzaniti and Marc Waha (all of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton) and Ward Detiege; in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kemal Bakarsic and Enes Kujundzic; in Brazil, Arnildo Schildt; in Bulgaria, Christina Nedeva, Boryana Savova, Ognian Shentov and Joana Staleva; in Croatia, Helena Pavic and Davor Sovagovic; in the Czech Republic, Ladislav Venys, Hugo Schreiber and Lucie Bednarova; in Germany, Kurt Lauk; in Ghana, Robert Amoako; in Grenada, Dessima Williams.

In Hungary, Miklos Fogarassy, Katalin Kovacs, Judit Skalitzky and Gabor Valyi; in India, Rinchen Khando Choegyal, Lobsang Chomphel, Jetsun Pema and Tsewang Yeshi; in the Kyrgyz Republic, Jacque and Norm Friberg and David Fricke; in Latvia, Silvija Linina and Antra Purina; in Mongolia, Dendev Badarch and Luvsanvandangiin Manlajav; in Poland, Jacek Holowka, Jaroslaw Pasek, Janusz Siek and Anna Trojanowska-Bitka; in Romania, Stefan Constantinescu; in Slovakia, Pavol Demes, Marcela Grosekova and Katarina Kost'alova; in Ukraine, Iaroslaw and Olha Isaievych, Alexander Diedyk and Khrystyna Palanytsia; and in Uzbekistan, Rex McDonald and Norma Polanco.

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