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Thanks to the generosity of a private donor, Sabre can provide training without charge for qualified participants or their sponsoring institutions through 1999. Beginning in the year 2000, Sabre will introduce a fee structure to cover the costs of training. The participant or their sponsor will be responsible for the cost of travel to the Boston area, insurance, and room and board. Other organizations providing support for this project in 1998 included the Renaissance Foundation (Soros Foundation of Ukraine), Freedom House (supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, United States Information Agency and United States Agency for International Development), Sabre’s partners, and the trainees’ home-country employers.

Kenyan trainee Ombok Otieno at Sabre’s Training Center.

In 1998, the IT Workshops welcomed interns and trainees, including two Fulbright scholars, from China, Croatia, Mongolia, Romania, and Ukraine:

Dr. Radu Darlea was sent to Sabre by Freedom House in Washington, D.C., where he was a visiting fellow in a democratic leaders program. As the Advisor for Communication Matters and Information Technology at the Council of Reform for the government of Romania, Dr. Darlea requested tutorials focused on publishing on the Internet and information technology management issues. Sabre’s Workshop team also arranged site visits to the Information Technology Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where Dr. Darlea observed the latest uses of new information technologies in government.

Ms. Davorka Granic, Ms. Andrea Horic and Ms. Marija Kopljar, librarians at the law and medical faculties at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, had an intensive two-week course on Internet-related resources and commercial databases. In addition, the Sabre staff arranged site visits to libraries at Harvard, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Professor Jiang Chang-Bin was referred to Sabre by the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard. He heads the division for Ukraine at the International Strategy Research Center of the Party Academy of the Chinese Central Committee. Professor Jiang learned about Internet resources on Ukraine and had a tutorial on viewing Ukrainian and Chinese character fonts when using the Internet.

Sabre’s World Wide Web intern Olena Parkhomenko.
As part of Sabre’s new training initiative, a World Wide Web internship was created to involve overseas visitors more directly in Sabre’s information technology work. In 1998 two interns worked at Sabre. Olena Parkhomenko, a computer science student from the University of Kyiv- Mohyla Academy in Ukraine, worked on the development of Sabre’s website and on the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute’s website during her internship. Jigjidsuren Nanjidjamts, a lecturer in the Software Department at the Mongolian Technical University, explored the use of Java, Perl and HTML in website development.

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