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Sabre Initiatives in Africa

Sabre’s Michael W. Christian Program for Africa was officially launched at a gala dinner in Washington in March 1998, addressed by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Congressman Benjamin Gilman, USIA Director Joseph Duffey, Peace Corps Director Mark Gearan, and former Secretary of Transportation William Coleman. (Shipments had already been sent to Tanzania and Zambia under the Christian program in 1997.) Shipments were dispatched to Ghana and Liberia in 1998, and plans were made for three more - to Angola, Ghana, and South Africa - in the first half of 1999. New country programs explored during the year included Algeria, Kenya and Somalia.

Robert Kowalczyk, Director, Books For Africa (right) with Elmanus Vodoti of the Embassy of Kenya (left) and Senator Eugene McCarthy in September, 1998. (Photo courtesy of Books For Africa)

Congressman Benjamin Gilman, Chairman of the House International Relations Committee, commended Sabre on the cost-effectiveness of its programs and the timeliness of its Africa initiative at the Michael W. Christian Dinner.

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