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Financial Support

Sabre Foundation depends for annual program support on individual donors, associations, business corporations, private foundations and public bodies. In addition to financial donations, it benefits greatly from services contributed in-kind and at reduced rates, both in the U.S. and overseas. Individuals and private associations continue to provide a valued part of Sabre’s funding, especially in areas which are not covered by foundation and government guidelines.

During 1997-1998, financial support was received, or was expended from multi-year grants, from the following sources in the cumulative amounts indicated:

Donors are listed by name and location. An asterisk (*) denotes a donation to the Michael W. Christian program for Africa.


$100,000 and over

Anonymous (1)
Anonymous (2)
Peace Corps
USAID Ocean Freight Reimbursement Program
United States Information Agency

$20,000 and over

Books for Africa, MN
Croatian Ministry of Finance
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, NY
United States Agency for International Development
United States Embassy/Algeria

$10,000 and over

Dusky Foundation, MA
Eurasia Foundation (U.S. Agency for International Development), DC
International Research and Exchanges Board, DC
Open Society Institute, Bulgaria
Open Society Institute, NY
United States Information Service/Kyiv
Whitehead Foundation, NY

$5,000 and over

Reuben Auspitz, NY
*John L.G. Archibald, MA
Cultural Survival, MA
*Arthur Dubow Foundation, AZ
International Collaborative for Science, Education, & the Environment, Inc., MA
Library of Congress, DC
Arkadi Mulak-Yatskivsky, CA
Sabre-Zagreb, Croatia
Ukrainian Studies Fund
World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations, MI

$1,000 and over

Abdul Aziz S. al-Babtain, Kuwait
American Council of Teachers of Russian
Julian M. Babad, NV
*Kenneth G. Bartels, NY
*Boston Foundation (Dwight & Stella Allison Fund), MA
*Michael F. Brewer, DC
*C. T. Bayley Family Fund, WA
California Association to Aid Ukraine
Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise, Czech Republic
Chase Manhattan Foundation, NY
*Jeff & Gloria Coolidge, MA
Orest & Nadine Danysh, WA
Earhart Foundation, MI

Fulbright Fellow and Sabre trainee Ihor Zhuk
of Ukraine with trainer Rebecca Schneider.

Freedom House, DC
Hamilton Charitable Foundation, MA
Harvard University, MA
George Sim Johnston III, NY
*Marty & Lynn Staley Linsky, NY
Elizabeth Lorin, NY
*J. Eugene & Ann Marie Marans, DC
*John & Penelope Maynard, NY
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program, NJ
*G. G. Monks Foundation, ME

Volunteers help Ludmyla Holub-Ohorodnyk (center),
widow of the late Jaroslav Holub, pack his book collection
for shipment to Lviv State University in Ukraine.

A. Jesse Norman, U.K.
John R. Price, NY
Ghada H. Qaddumi, Kuwait
*David Rockefeller, Jr., NY
O. Shenk Fund, CA
Matthew & Ellen Simmons, TX
David B. Sloo, CA
Peter Wallison, DC
George White, CT
*Frederic & Susan Winthrop, MA

Under $1,000

Association of Alumni and Friends of Croatian Universities (AMAC), NJ
AMAC - Northern California
AMAC - Toronto, Canada
Anderson & Krieger, MA (in memory of Morton Benson)
Stanley Auspitz, CA
Dubravko Babic, CA
*Leonard J. & Joyce B. Baldyga, VA
Michael T. Barry, TX
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, VA
Marijan Boskovic, CT
Rodney W. & Victoria A. Bowman, NE
Maria Cap, CA
Croatian Fraternal Union, CA
David E. Decosse, MA
Viktor & Betsy Decyk, CA
Darko & Jagoda Degoricija, CA
*Michael & Yvonne Dixon, DC
Meta Dreyfus, NY (in memory of George Novotny)
Elder Law Services, MA (in memory of Morton Benson)
David & Ellen Elliott, CA
Carol Fijan-Starobin, NY
Laurence B. Flood, MA
Roy N. & Ann Freed, MA
Charles Getchell, MA
George F. & Cornelia Gilder, MA
Paul F. Glenn, CA
Miroslav Gogolja, CA
Jan Hajda, OR
*Mark Hoffman, U. K.
Hornblow Foundation, NY
Michael & Caroline Hornblow, DC
Daniel & Tamara Horodysky, CA
Josip & Nada Huljev, CA
M. I. Kots Charities, NY
Vladimir & Valentina Krcmar, Canada
Robert & Carol Krinsky, NY
Branko Leskovar, CA
Pamela Lord, NY
Alan & Robyn Luchs, NY
Jerry L. Martin, VA
Vicko Matulovic, CA
Doug Mayer, NH
"Ivan Mestrovic" Lodge #1007, CA
Zeljko Miksic, CA
*Millipore Foundation, MA
Peter & Jasna Mrdjen, CA
Mark T. Munger, MA
Paul & Mary Nichols, NE
Northern Illinois University, IL
Warren E. & Marcia Nute, CA
Martin Oppenheimer, DC
John & Biserka Potrebic, CA
Damir O. Rados, CA
Jane & Mike Senyk, VA
Alicia Szendiuch, MA
Thomas Associates, CA
Richard Ullman, NJ

Reading Room, National and University Library
at the former Marshall Tito Army Barracks, Sarajevo.

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Croatia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Medicine, Croatia
*Dorothy B. Wexler, DC
Katherine B. Winter, MA
*John H. & Maria I. Wood, MD
Harold & Jeane Yohe, NE


In addition to the above financial donations, in-kind services were provided by the following:

John L. G. Archibald
Josiah Lee Auspitz
Carberry’s Bakery
Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton
Dunn & Co., Inc.
John Emery
MacGregor Mills
Various: donated trucking services

Program Director Tania Vitvitsky at a meeting with Tahar Hadjar,
Rector of the University of Algiers.


(* Denotes 1998 participant; + denotes Reduced-Cost Journals publisher)

Abt Books
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture
American Academy for the Advancement of Science
American Academy of Arts & Sciences*
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Arbitration Association
American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
American Assembly
American Council for Energy Efficient Economy
American Council of Learned Societies
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
American Medical Association
American Philosophical Society
American Physical Society

The American Scholar
American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Apex Press
Association of Engineering Geologists
Atrium Society *

Beacon Press
Blackwell Publishers
Blackwell Scientific +
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. *
Books for Asia/Harry Abrams
Brigham Young University Publications *
British Medical Bulletin
Brookings Institute
Brother’s Brother Foundation/Lippincott-Raven Publishers *
Brother’s Brother Foundation/Simon & Schuster
Bureau of Economic Geology
Bureau of National Affairs
Butterworth Medical Publishers +

Cahners Publishing*
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies *
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Chatham House Publishers
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Christopher Publishing
Churchill Livingstone +
Citizens Democracy Corps
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
College Art Association
Colorado School of Mines
Columbia Journalism Review
Columbia University Press
Compass Press/Howells House
Comptroller of the Currency
Council on Foreign Relations
CRC Press
Crown Publishing Group

Students at Roja High School in Latvia display books received from Sabre via the Peace Corps.

D & B Reports
Digital Equipment Corporation
Dow Jones/Irwin

East European Constitutional Review
The Economist

Elsevier Scientific Publishers/Pergamon +
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society/University of Kentucky
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers +

Materials donated by Sabre in use in a Mongolian pre-school.

Fairleigh Dickinson University (Literary Review)*
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for the U.S. Constitution
W. H. Freeman & Company Publishers

Garland Publishing Co.
Georgetown University Press
Gordon Publications *
Graphic Learning
Grune & Stratton
Guilford Publications *

Hackett Publishing
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Harper Collins Publishers
Harvard University Press
Health & Energy Institute
DC Heath and Company
Hegeler Institute
Historical Research Foundation
Hoover Institution Press
Houghton Mifflin Company
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Hudson Institute
Human Rights Watch

ILR Press, Cornell University
Indiana Center on Global Change and World Peace
Indiana University Press
Institute for East-West Security Studies
Institute for International Economics
Institute for Scientific Information +
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) *
Institute of Transportation Engineers
International Center for Economic Growth
International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)
IOS Press +
Richard D. Irwin
Island Press

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Johns Hopkins University Press *
Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Kent State University Press
Kluwer Law & Taxation Publishers *
Alfred A. Knopf
Kodansha America, Inc.
Kraus International

Laissez-Faire Books
R. G. Landes Company
Libertarian Press
Libraries Unlimited
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Liss Medical Publishers
Little, Brown & Company
Lynne Rienner Publishers

Macmillan Publishing
Massachusetts Medical Society
McFarland & Company *
McGraw-Hill Companies, including:
...Blue Ridge Summit
...College Division
...Glencoe Division *
...Health Professions *
...Higher Education *
...Osborne Publishing Group
...Professional Division *

Helena Pavic, Director of Sabre-Zagreb,
receives an award from UroŠ DujŠin, Rector of
Zagreb University’s Law Faculty.

...School Division *
...SRA Division *
R. S. Means Company
Medical Economics Books
Mercury House
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Miller Freeman
MIT University Press
Modern Language Association
Museum of Modern Art
National Center for America’s Founding Documents, Boston University
National Endowment for Democracy
National Geographic Society
New Dimensions in Education
New England Journal of Medicine*
New Press
New York Academy of Sciences
New York University Press
Newsweek International
Northern Illinois University Press
W. W. Norton & Company

O’Reilly & Associates
Oryx Press
Oxford University Press

(From left) Alexander Diedyk, Iaroslaw Isayevich, Olha Isayevich,
and Tania Vitvitsky at the opening of Sabre-Svitlo’s Kyiv offices.

Pantheon Books
F. E. Peacock Publishers
Perspectives in American History
Philosophy Documentation Center *
Problems of Eastern Europe
Prolog Publishing

Rand McNally & Company
Random House
Reed Elsevier/Springhouse *
Reference Press
Resources for the Future

Rhythm Music Magazine
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Rutgers University Press

Professor Madara Ogot of Rutgers University and
University of Nairobi in Kenya in a meeting with
Colin McCullough.

St. Martin’s Press
Sargent Welch Scientific Co.
W. B. Saunders Co.
Schenkman Books
Schocken Books
Scott Foresman & Company
International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society
Seven Star Communications
M. E. Sharpe, Inc.
Simon & Schuster International Group
Sinauer Associates
Slavica Press
Springer Verlag +
Steck Vaughn Company

Texas A & M University Press
Timber Press
Trans Tech Publications (Germany)
Trans Tech Publications (Switzerland)
Twentieth Century Fund

Ukrainian Art Digest
Ukrainian National Association (UNA)
Ukrainian Studies Fund
United Nations Publications (Geneva)
United Nations Publications (New York)
Univelt Incorporated
University of British Columbia Press
University of California, Institute of East Asian Studies
University of Chicago Press *
University of Iowa Press
University of Kentucky, Department of Classics
University of Massachusetts Press
University of New Mexico Press
University of North Carolina Press
University of Texas Press
University of Washington Press
University of Wisconsin Press
University Press of Colorado
University Press of Virginia

Vintage Press
VSP Science Publishers +

Wadsworth Publishing Co.
Watson-Guptill Publications
Wayne State University Press
West Publishing Company
Weston Woods Inc.
John Wiley & Sons * +
Williams & Wilkins, Waverly International *
The H.W. Wilson Company *
World Book, Inc. *
World Policy Institute
Worldwatch Institute
World Resources Institute

Yale University Press
York Press

(Several of the above publishers are represented by the publishing consultant Contributions & Donations Inc., whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.)


Brian Ash
Hale C. Bartlett, Associate Professor of Management, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Marijan A. Boskovic, Kraft Foods
Phoebe Mason Bruck, ASLA, and the Estate of F. Frederick Bruck, AIA
Harvey M. Choldin
Encyclopedia Brittanica
Fortune Magazine
Professor Marshall I. Goldman
Dr. Kenneth Gray, USDA, and John Hardt, Congressional Research Service
Harvard University Libraries
Ludmyla Holub-Ohorodnyk
Dr. Edmund H. Immergut
School of Public & Environmental Affairs at Indiana University
Michael Jaworsky
Senator Edward M. Kennedy
F. E. Kirby
Marian P. Kots
Dr. Lubomyr M. Kowal
Taras Koznarsky
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Medunsa Trust, Inc.
Michael J. Michael, Jr.
Middle Tennessee State University Library
Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Modern Language Association
David Parry (in memory of Zenovia Sochor Parry)
Omelian Pritsak, Professor Emeritus
Professional Books
Rebecca Schneider
Jeanne Schwaller
Robert E. Stipe, Emeritus Professor of Design, North Carolina State University
Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation
Ukrainian Studies Fund, Inc.
University of Chicago Press, Journals Division
John W. Williams, M. D.

Sabre Program Officer John Emery, Secretary Charles Getchell, Kate Auspitz
(representing Congressman-elect Michael Capuano),
and trainee Marija Kopljar at the opening of the Training Center.

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