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Training in 1999

Sabre scheduled its first trainee from Africa for early 1999. To prepare for his Ph.D. research in intellectual property law, Kenyan law lecturer Ombok Otieno wanted to expand his knowledge of Internet-related copyright issues and improve his research skills. Sabre’s trainer taught him how to access legal resources on the Internet, and arranged professional meetings for him with research specialists in Boston.

In June of 1999, Sabre hosted representatives from seven of its partners from East and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union at customized workshops focusing on the use of IT in non- governmental organizations. With representatives from USIA and the Peace Corps present, the group had a unique opportunity to discuss issues that are pertinent in their region. Working together, group members enhanced their IT skills and developed mechanisms for integrating IT into their activities back home. Site visits throughout Boston and special seminars related to further partner collaboration complemented the training.

In February 1999, Sabre became a designated sponsor for the United States Information Agency’s Summer-Work Travel exchange visitor program. Through this type of international internship program, Sabre will bring qualified students from abroad to work on special projects while offering them an opportunity to experience life in the United States.

Student intern Ford Davidson and Sabre’s Kimberly Bartlett.

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