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Highlights of 1999

  • Sabre’s Book Donation Program in 1999 achieved all-time highs in total number of books shipped and total fair market value of all shipments. All told, Sabre delivered almost half a million books, with a fair market value of nearly $18 million, to 22 different countries on five continents.

  • In its first full-year of operation, Sabre’s Internet Training Center hosted 40 trainees from 16 different countries - a remarkable level of initial success. Visitors taking advantage of Sabre’s customized programs hailed from walks of life as disparate as business, engineering, law, academia and the non-profit sector.

  • Sabre’s growing collaboration with Peace Corps, formalized by a cooperative agreement signed at the end of 1998, resulted in Sabre shipments of donated educational materials for Peace Corps projects in Armenia, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Namibia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
  • At a White House Ceremony on July 28, 1999, Sabre Project Director Tania Vitvitsky, along with Mongolian Ambassador Jalbuu Choinhor and his wife Sanjmyatav (pictured at right), presented First Lady Hillary Clinton with traditional Mongolian paintings to honor Mrs. Clinton’s role in initiating Sabre’s Mongolia book program. The paintings were a gift from the Mongolian Universities Consortium and the Mongolian Technical University.

  • Sabre’s Internet Training Workshops Program was selected for inclusion in the Harvard Business School Community Action Program (CAP). Beginning in November, a CAP team of Harvard alumni volunteers with an interest in Sabre’s work began exploring with the Foundation several ways to expand the Internet training program.

  • Over a two-week period in May and June, Sabre made one of its largest single-country donations ever - in excess of 120,000 medical books and CD-ROMs shipped to Bulgaria in six forty-foot containers.

  • In a new collaboration, Sabre began work with Vermont’s Project Harmony to provide Internet training to visiting secondary school students from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sabre’s Internet Training Center also for the first time hosted participants in WorldBoston’s Community Connections and International Visitors programs.

  • At a media auction during its annual conference in June, the Association of American University Presses raised over $16,000 in support of Sabre Foundation’s Bosnia Library Project.

  • In cooperation with the International Rescue Committee, Sabre sent book shipments to Guinea and Liberia to aid IRC refugee schools in the region.

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