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Oakeshott Conference Announced

Sabre’s very practical work to promote education and free inquiry around the world stems from its longer-standing philosophical programs examining the ideals animating free institutions.

In keeping with the philosophical side of its mission Sabre agreed in 1999 to serve as the organizing venue for an international group of scholars devoted to the critical examination of Michael Oakeshott, increasingly regarded as the leading philosopher of politics, jurisprudence, historiography and liberal education writing in the English language during the 20th Century.  The Michael Oakeshott Association, which now comprises more than two hundred members from twenty countries, will remain under Sabre’s aegis for the years 2000-2001, until the Association completes its inaugural conference, approves bylaws and elects a slate of officers.

The Inaugural Conference of the Michael Oakeshott Association has now been set for 2001, Oakeshott’s centenary.  It will be held September 3-5 at the London School of Economics, where for nearly two decades Oakeshott chaired the Government Department.  Some thirty scholars will present papers covering the full range of Oakeshott’s work.  A poster session will be open to shorter presentations by graduate students.

The conference committee, under the honorary chairmanship of Lord Quinton, former Chairman of the British Library and President of Trinity College, Oxford, consists of Professors Timothy Fuller of Colorado College, Noel O’Sullivan of the University of Hull, and Ken Minogue and John Gray of the London School of Economics.  Members of the organizing committee of the Association are: Leslie Marsh, convenor, and Josiah Lee Auspitz, Charles Getchell and Jesse Norman, representing Sabre Foundation U.S., Sabre Europe and Sabre Trust UK. 

The first institutional financial contribution to the conference in Britain is a small but highly regarded grant from the philosophical journal *Mind*.  Initial contributions from individuals have been received from Canada and the U.S. by the Sabre Foundation, which welcomes further support. 

Details on the Conference and the Association, as well as online writings by and about Oakeshott may be found at:

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