Supporters of Sabre's shipment of children's books to Romania met with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at a White House ceremony on October 21. Photo, left to right: Joseph Duffey, Director, United States Information Agency; Ken Bartels, Sabre Treasurer; Frederick M. O'Regan, Regional Director, Peace Corps; Ambassador Mircea D. Geoama of Romania; Mrs. Geoama; Mark D. Gearan, Director, Peace Corps; Mrs. Leonard J. Baldyga; Leonard J. Baldyga, Member, Sabre Executive Committee. Attending the event, in addition to those pictured above were: Ambassador Sven Alkalai of Bosnia-Herzegovina; Kemal Bakarsic, University of Sarajevo; William Lindsay, Harvard University Press; New Yorker writer Sidney Blumenthal; Terence Monaghan, World Book Educational Products; Anastasia Kokaliaris, McGraw-Hill Companies; Andras Riedlmayer and Jeff Spurr, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; William Hunt, St. Lawrence University; Marian St. Onge, Boston College; Susan Monaghan, University of Illinois; Janet Crayne, University of Michigan; Dave Dunn, Dunn & Company; Anne Truxaw, Peace Corps; and Penn Kemble and Ronald Ungaro, United States Information Agency. Foundation participants included: Steering Committee members Michael Hornblow and Daniel Matuszewski; Sabre President Anne Neal; Scientific Assistance Project founder, Josiah Lee Auspitz ; and Project Director Tania Vitvitsky.