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Activities and Partners Overseas

Sabre Foundation's book program benefits scholars, students and school children around the world in countries in transition by providing educational materials which would be otherwise unobtainable. Sabre's book donation program has expanded from programs in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to include programs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Ghana, Grenada, India, Liberia, Mongolia and South Africa. To date, Sabre has shipped over three million books to over 50 countries. A map of Sabre's world-wide programs, focusing on book donation activities is available here.

Sabre solicits donations of books, journals and educational materials. More than 200 publishers, as well as numerous scholars and institutions have donated new texts and special collections. (Tax incentives exist for some donations.) To find out about how Sabre sends books and other education materials overseas, please see Sabre's "Life of a Shipment".

In each country where it is active, Sabre has established a partnership with a nongovernmental organization that distributes the donated materials. These partners are also responsible for conveying the book priorities of their countries so that Sabre can solicit materials in relevant fields. Sabre sends only those books that partner organizations have chosen, ensuring that the texts are relevant to recipients. A report of Sabre Foundation's shipments that are currently en route or recently arrived in-country is also available on this web site.

Partner organizations distribute the materials through countrywide networks of schools, universities, libraries, research institutes, and hospitals. In this way, thousands of institutions and hundreds of thousands of individuals have obtained books through Sabre. Partners maintain computerized distribution records and are experienced in managing the receipt of shipments, minimizing difficulties at customs.

Country Focus: The following is a sampling of reports and photo essays resulting from Sabre's various book donation and training programs.

Sabre's efforts in Algeria:

Sabre's efforts in Bosnia:

Assisting Tibetan Refugees in India:

Setting up a new program in Liberia:

Follow-up after a Sabre book donation shipment in Mongolia:

A continuing collaboration in Ukraine: