Adventists Development And Relief Agency (ADRA)

Seventh Day Adventists
6840 Eastern Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20012
Phone: (301) 621-2202/796-0830
Fax: (301) 379-0830
Contact: Rudy Monsalve, Acting Director of Material Resources Program
Officers: Information not available.
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Missions of the Seventh Day Adventists world-wide, but primarily in the developing world.
Geographical Area: Information not available.
General Description:

Developmental relief programs including food, clothing, tools, medicine, etc. Educational programs, including donated books were begun in 1984. ADRA distributes INTERFACE, a quarterly training journal, communicating ideas, reports, and resources to its missions and to other professionals in the development community.

Project Description:

No. Copies Distributed: No exact figures are available. But since 1984 when ADRA began distributing donated books, nearly 3 million books have been shipped. "Sack mail" postage and handling costs are supported by the recipient schools.

Destinations of Shipments: Worldwide through the ADRA network of regional offices and missionaries. Requests for books from abroad must be directed to the nearest overseas ADRA mission; requests sent to the US head-quarters will only be delayed, since they will not be acted upon until an overseas office has considered them.

Kinds of Books Distributed: Educational for kindergarten through high school and medical books for colleges.

Donation Sources: New Books: Donated by American Publishers.
Citation: American Donated Books Abroad