Books For Africa: Benevolence Through Education in Southern Africa, Inc.

P. O. Box 5767
Daytona Beach, FL 32018
Phone: 904-258-7320
Fax: 904-254-7542
Contact: Cliff B. Gosney, Jr., President; Patricia Gosney; Isabel Allen
Officers: Cliff B. Gosney, Jr., President; Patricia Gosney; Isabel Allen
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: No offices or staff but all distribution and policy on that distribution is handled by the Round Table organization in Southern Africa, all through unpaid volunteers.
Geographical Area: Information not available.
General Description:

The collection of surplus books from various school districts within the State of Florida and the shipment of these books to Southern Africa is Books for Africa's primary activity. Distribution there is handled solely by the Round Table organization, an international civic service group similar to Kiwanis or Rotary Intentional.

Project Description:

Destinations of Shipments: Bantu schools in Southern Africa including the homelands and border states such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Lesotho. Recipients are black students. Books are placed in already existing or newly built library facilities constructed as depositories.

Kinds of Books Distributed: Textbooks, encyclopedia and reference data primarily between kindergarten and grade 9.

Content Selection Policy: The desired grade level of the books for Southern Africa is between kindergarten and grade 9. Books for Africa does not preselect the books other than to ensure that the shipments are confined to the requested grade levels. Nor does the organization censor books but is cognizant of the type of books that would be unacceptable to the recipients and attempts to exclude this otherwise small percentage of material. Volunteers from the Round Table handling the distribution in Southern Africa decide as to how they are to be allocated and who the recipients might be.

No. of Copies Distributed: No books were distributed in 1986, first year of operation, nor in 1987. 1988: 75,000.

Donation Sources: All school districts in the State of Florida were contacted and 90% of the districts participate in the volunteer program in disposing of surplus school books for shipment to Southern Africa. Each school district utilizes services of organizations and volunteers for the loading of containers from the depository warehouses.

New Books: Surplus books from publishers have not yet been developed but that source may be contemplated in the future.

Used Books: All books currently distributed are used, surplus school book materials received from school districts within the State of Florida.

Citation: American Donated Books Abroad

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