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Bridge to Asia
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Bridge to Asia
Follett Higher Education Group
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Contact: Joyce L. Lee, Program Assistant
Officers: Jeffrey A. Smith, President
Newton X. Liu, Vice-president
Affiliation(s): n/a
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Geographical Area: Primarily Asia, but also other parts of the world. (See below)
General Description:

We are an international nonprofit organization which supports education and research in developing countries in Asia.

Bridge to Asia provides access to knowledge--with books, research, and consulting--for institutions and individuals who are modernizing their countries. We do this in fields that are critical to development, including education, health care, law and conservation.

Users request materials and services from us, and we locate and deliver the resources that are needed.

Project Description:

Thanks to the generosity of more than 2,000 donors, we have sent more than 2 million books and journals to China and 500,000 to Southeast Asia.

To determine needs for materials, we consult with ministries and institutions in the countries. To procure donations, we use innovative strategies in the United States, such as appeals through mass mailings and the Internet, book drives on college campuses, national drives by youth groups, regional drives in the Bay Area and Midwest, and local collection at the donor's location when the quantities justify costs.

Finally, to deliver books to teachers and students at 500 universities, we coordinate with in-country partners. In China, the Ministry of Education coordinates distributions through three centers to more than 450 schools. Librarians and faculty from the schools visit the centers to select materials. In Vietnam, books are distributed by the English Language Institute in Hanoi, and in Cambodia by Phnom Penh University.

In the future we will send books to other regions including Eastern and Central Europe, and Africa.

NEEDS: College, graduate and professional level books, journals and other forms of information in all fields (but especially in science, engineering, art, and literature), both used and new. Contents take priority over condition. Used books are as desirable as new books, if the information they contain is current and their condition is presentable.

NOT NEEDED: Computer books keyed to specific operating systems or software, foreign language books (other than English), "life style books" (personal development, cookbooks, pet care, New Age), and books that proselytize a religion or political view.

For more details, see our website or contact us

Donation Sources (partial list):Used book wholesalers (Follett Higher Education Group & Nebraska Book Company), over 200 members of the National Association of College Stores, US professional and academic organizations, individuals, youth groups, and community groups.

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