Brother's Brother Foundation

1501 Reedsdale Street, Suite 3005
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-2341
Phone: (412) 321-3160
Fax: (412) 321-3325
Contact: Tori Wolan, Program Director- International Education Program
Officers: ---
Affiliation(s): ---
Overseas Offices: BBF partners with institutions and organizations worldeide which administer education enhancement and literacy programs. These partnerships are based on long-term relationships with overseas organizations. Inquiries about possible partnerships for book distribution programs in less developed countries are welcome.
Geographical Area: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Republics, Caribbean, Central & Latin America
General Description:

The Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to relief and humanitarian assistance efforts through the world. Our mission is to promote international health and education through efficient and effective distribution of donated pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, textbooks, educational supplies, food, clothing, seed and other resources. The BBF motto "connecting people's resources with people's needs" is accomplished through gift-in-kind contributions that are distributed upon request and identification of need within less developed and developing countries in partnership with US-based and in-country NGOs.

Project Description:

The Brother's Brother Foundation's (BBF) International Education Program functions as the link between education resources and the development process through shipments of books and educational supplies to countries where accessibility and availability of such materials is limited. The Program provides the materials necessary to establish and enhance literacy programs. Through generous donations of new books by US based publishers, the Program provides as many as 3 million books a year to programs in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The categories of books distributed range from elementary and secondary to college, medical and general library books. To demonstrate BBF's commitment to global development, the Program's goal is to support educational enhancement in less developed countries through the dissemination of donated books and supplies, which are requested from organizations administering education and/or literacy programs.

To develop new partnerships, BBF requires a needs assessment inventory, verification of recipient's ability to store and clear through customs donated materials, duty-free status documentation and other supportive documents.

In 1998, BBF distributed 2 million books valued at over $37 million.

Donation Sources:

New Books: Solicit from publishers.

Used Books: Received from public and private school systems and private individuals.

Citation: American Books Donated Abroad

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