Estonian American Fund for Economic Education, Inc.

4 Noyes Court
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: (301) 587-9115
Fax: (301) 587-0730
Contact: Information not available.
Officers: Mr. Ago Ambre, President
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Information not available.
Geographical Area: Information not available.
General Description:

See Project Description.

Project Description:

Aids in the resolution of economic problems faced by command economies changing to a free market basis. The Estonian American Fund provides humanitarian aid, transmits equipment, supplies, and scientific and professional literature to hospitals and institutions of higher learning and research, and provides opportunities for special training and scholarships. It supplied two CT scanners that were reassembled in Estonia and now operate at full capacity. The Estonian American Fund also arranges for technician training in maintenance and repair of medical electronics and special training for doctors and nurses; sponsors in-country seminars; and matches Estonian-speaking professionals with the specific expertise needs of local governments, hospitals, businesses and other organizations in Estonia. Relying entirely on volunteers, the Estonian American Fund has no paid staff.

Donation Sources: Information not available.
Citation: Report of American Voluntary Agencies Engaged in Overseas Relief and Development Registered with the US Agency for International Development

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