East and Central Europe Journal Donation Project

New School for Social Research
65 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212)-229-5789
Fax: (212)-229-5476
Contact: Prof. Arien Mack
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General Description:

The East and Central Europe Journal Donation Project, which has been in operation since 1991, was designed to help rebuild and develop the scholarly periodical collections, especially in the social sciences, of libraries throughout the region. The goal of the project is to provide major libraries with ongoing subscriptions to key journals published in the West until such time as they are able to procure materials with their own resources. Currently, more than 600 journals, with slightly more than 50% in the social sciences, are participating in the project by donating 15-20 subscriptions to the libraries within the project's network, which is comprised of 250 libraries throughout 21 countries. Within the network there are national, university, academy of science, law and medical libraries.

Project Description:

Up until recently, the project had been based entirely upon the donation of subscriptions by publishers and editors. This autumn, however, the project has begun to purchase deeply discounted subscriptions to the periodicals of greatest importance since 15-20 donated subscriptions are not nearly enough to meet the needs of the libraries. Discounted subscriptions are being purchased from the publishers which have been participating on the basis of donation. While British, French, Spanish, German and Italian journals are participating, the project does not have a UK or other base in Europe. The entire work of the project is coordinated from the New York office.

Materials offered: back runs of journals, current journal subscriptions.

Donation Sources: Information not available
Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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