Egyptian Students Association in North America

Mohamed Galal Elfeky
P.O. Box 5036
Lafayette, IN 47903
Phone: (515) 294-9186
Fax: (515) 294-9143
Contact: Mohamed Elfeky
Book Manager
Officers: Hesham Ismail, Vice President
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Information not available.
Geographical Area: Egpyt
General Description:

The Egyptian Student Association in USA and Canada is the North American branch of the National Egyptian Student Association (NESA), a registered non-profit organization, that aims at integrating the Egyptian scholarly community across the globe. The ESA in USA and Canada is the largest branch of the NESA with a student member population currently exceeding 1,500 and over 50 local chapters (units) throughout the USA and Canada.

Active in: Egypt, United States and Canada

Project Description:

ESANA is a non-profit organization of volunteer Egyptian graduate students who pursue all or part of their graduate studies in USA and Canada.

One of the objectives of the ESANA is to promote the cultural exchange and transfer of knowledge between North America and Egypt. Towards this objective, the ESANA book campaign project has been initiated in the late 1995. The project deals with collecting donated books and journals from all disciplines as well as PC hardware and software necessary to update the libraries of the Egyptian Universities and send them to Egypt.

Requested material: College level text books and journals in all disciplines that are published after 1990 and 1985 respectively. PC hardware and software that can be used in developing a computer-based library system to replace the existing manual system in Egypt's libraries will be of great use.

Active in: Egypt, United States and Canada

Donation Sources: Information not available.

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