Forum for International Mineral Development (FIMD)

Mineral Economics Department
Colorado School of Mines
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General Description:

As part of a general program to promote better communications in international mineral development the Forum for International Mineral Development (FIMD) is organizing a project to distribute mining and mineral industry journals and reference books to training institutions in developing countries.

Project Description:

A number of journals related to the international mineral industry (mining, metals, industrial minerals, coal, oil and gas) are published by related professional societies and commercial publishers. In many cases these are not regularly available to specialists at universities and technical institutions working in mineral-related fields in developing countries. Thus the students and, perhaps more importantly, the staff who are training the students, do not have access to much current information which would be of interest and value to them.

The Forum has identified institutions (currently more than 100) in developing countries which could usefully receive copies of these journals. Where publishers are willing to contribute the journals or books, the Forum will find ways to cover the mailing costs. Until now, support has been generated to distribute some journals published in the US and steps are being taken to distribute journals published in Australia, Canada and the UK.

Materials offered: current journal subscriptions, back runs of journals.

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Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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