Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc.

P. O. Box 429
New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone: 410-635-8720
Fax: 410-635-8726
Contact: Terry Bolender, Secretary, Books Program
Officers: Reverend Paul A. McCombs Maxey, Associate Executive Director
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: IMA works with US-based agencies who have "missions" in many countries. However, IMA itself does not maintain any offices abroad.
Geographical Area: Information not available.
General Description:

Donated medical and related books are an ancillary part of the IMA program. IMA solicits funding for distribution to overseas medical missions of Protestant mission boards and relief agencies. It has 65 other church related or humanitarian driven private volunteer organizations (PVO's) who have the privilege of accessing these donated books. However, IMA works through only US based organizations, which means significantly that overseas programs desiring medical and related books must first have or create a relationship with one of Interchurch's overseas member groups or approved non-members.

Project Description:

Destinations of Shipments: Anglophile, Africa; Central & South America (few Spanish books are available from US donors); Asia and the Near East.

Kinds of Books Distributed: Specifically, only medical and related subjects are solicited or distributed. The medical & dental texts are for graduate medical & dental schools; nursing books are for college or nursing schools; hospital administration books, for post-high school.

Content Selection Policy: IMA produces a periodic "book catalog" which recipient organizations may request.

Dollar Value of Copies Distributed: IMA's book inventory is a part of a much larger in-kind inventory, so the breakout of books is not available exactly. Estimates of funds involved in distributing books are: 1986: $350,000; 1987: $400,000.

Donation Sources:

IMA acquires books through general direct solicitation from publishers. New Books: Ninety-nine and one-hundredths percent of IMA's program are new books donated from medical publishers. Used Books: Accept donations of medical collections from private physicians. IMA accepts donations of audio cassettes and journals, if the subject matter seems relevant to its clients' interests. Book Purchases: IMA does have a purchasing service, through it has purchased some medical books.

Citation: American Books Donated Abroad

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