Project Handclasp

Commander M.C. Tevelson, Director
Naval Base
San Diego, CA 92132
Phone: (619) 532-1492
Contact: Commander M.C. Tevelson, Director
Officers: Information not available.
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Information not available.
Geographical Area: Central and South America, Africa along the Indian Ocean littoral, the Pacific and the new emerging democratic nations of Eastern Europe.
General Description:

Project Handclasp accepts and transports educational, humanitarian and goodwill material overseas on a space-available basis in U.S. Navy ships. Materials are distributed directly to needy recipients by U.S. service personnel stationed in overseas areas or embarked in U.S. Navy ships which visit these areas.

Project Description:

Publications available include educational, humanitarian and other goodwill materials donated to Project-Handclasp by individuals, service and religious organizations, and American industry.

Through the cooperation of numerous donors, Project Handclasp has been able to ship approximately 1.5 million pounds of charitable materials overseas annually for the past several years.

Book shipments are dependent upon the availability of cargo space on U.S. Navy ships and upon favorable customs practices in ports in which the ships land. On normal voyages, pallets of textbooks will be off-loaded wherever there is someone in need to accept the shipment and when customs practices allow the import of such material. Normally, the final destination of Project Handclasp books is indefinite until the books actually have been unloaded. Project Handclasp also offers, on a case-by-case basis, free shipment of materials to Navy ports of call. If you have arranged for books to be donated to you, but need some means of shipment, contact Commander M.C. Tevelson of Project Handclasp/San Diego.

Potential donors must contact the Director of Project Handclasp for specific criteria regarding the availability of space, packaging requirements, etc. for each donation. Materials approved for shipment must be delivered by the donor to the Project Handclasp warehouse in San Diego.

The recipient must arrange for pickup of materials when advised by the Project Handclasp coordinator in the overseas port.

Donation Sources: Information not available.
Citation: Sources of Donated Books & Periodicals for Peace Corps Volunteers for Schools & Libraries, 1996 (RE003)

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