People to People Health Foundation; Project HOPE

Carter Hall
Millwood, VA 22646
Phone: (540) 837-2100
Fax: (703) 837-1813
Contact: Dr. Paul W Grunmeier
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Project Description:

Project HOPE has been donating medical and allied health texts to developing countries for over 30 years. In the last ten years over 700,000 volumes have been donated. Distribution has been to over 40 countries in all parts of the world. The books, in most cases, are in support of Project HOPE teaching programs but are also distributed to other interested parties. The criteria for distribution are that the volumes should be used for training individuals who are involved in treatment and care of the poor of the country, that the volumes cannot be resold, that the recipient will pay the cost of shipping from the Project HOPE warehouse to final destination, and that the recipient will maintain records of distribution.

Materials offered: back runs of journals, new books, remaindered books.

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Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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