Sudan-American Foundation for Education

4141 N. Henderson Road, Suite 1216
Arlington, VA 22203-2424
Phone: (703)-525-9045
Fax: (703)-351-0782
Contact: Dr. Lee G Burchinal, Executive Director
Officers: Dr. Lee G Burchinal, Executive Director
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General Description:

The Sudan-American Foundation for Education (SAFE) is a joint American and Sudanese effort, established in 1985 by concerned American and Sudanese business men and women and teachers.

Project Description:

SAFE provides donated books, journals and other materials to some 30 libraries in Sudanese universities, institutes and centers. Donations come from individuals, libraries and other organizations in the US, as do the cash organizations necessary for sustaining operations.

Donations to SAFE consist mainly of books and journals, although a variety of other materials are received (e.g. CD-ROM disks). Despatches are made about once a year to Sudan where arrangements are made for the distribution of donations.

Materials offered: new books, remaindered books, used books, back runs of journals.

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Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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