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872 Massachusetts Avenue
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Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Phone: (617)-868-3510
Fax: (617)-868-7916
Contact: Tania Vitvitsky, Project Director; Colin McCullough, Program Officer
Officers: Information not available.
Affiliation(s): Not Applicable.
Overseas Offices: Not applicable. See below for countries with designated partner organizations.
Geographical Area: Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union and selected countries in other regions of the world.
General Description:

The Sabre Foundation is a charitable organization and a registered private voluntary organization with the US Agency for International Development. Sabre’s Scientific Assistance Project specializes in providing post-secondary educational and professional materials to institutions and individuals in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Since 1986, Sabre Foundation has donated, through overseas partner organizations and affiliates, over three million books and journals to libraries, institutions, and organizations in Belarus, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ghana, Grenada, Hungary, India (Tibetan Refugee Schools), Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, with new donation programs starting in Algeria, Angola, Guyana, Kenya and South Africa (Historically Disadvantaged Institutions). More than 200 US and European publishers have contributed new texts in business, economics, computer science, engineering, English language and literature, medicine, science, law and social sciences. Sabre also administers a purchase program for low-costs books and reduced-cost journal subscriptions and places private scholarly libraries and special collections in appropriate institutions overseas.

Project Description:

Services offered: donation, low-cost purchase program, shipping, distribution in-country Internet-based technical assistance.

Materials offered: new books, journal subscriptions and special collections. In each country, a designated partner organization, or affiliate, is responsible for title selection, identification of recipient institutions, and country-wide distribution. Partners select titles and quantities from inventory lists provided by Sabre. The books and journals are then packed at Sabre’s warehouse and sent in ocean freight containers (holding on average over 20,000 books) to partner organizations for distribution. On-going programs receive between one and three containers per year, depending on the size of the program and available funding. Prospective recipients are encouraged to contact the in-country partner organization for information on obtaining donated books. A list of partner organizations and affiliates is available. In addition, as funding permits, Sabre offers various electronic-based services including: on-going reference for specific institutions; Internet training; equipment; and book purchase. Information about Sabre's projects can be found on-line via Sabre's World Wide Web site:

Donation Sources: Publishers, Individuals.
Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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