SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)

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Contact: Norma Geeslin, Membership Communications
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General Description:

The SEPM Friendship Programs Committee (formerly the Developing Countries Libraries Committee) was established in 1985. This committee was set up at first to identify institutions in developing countries to receive free subscriptions to the journal of Sedimentary Research). This role expanded thereafter to include the distribution of PALAIOS, and of both current and old books and journals in the geological sciences donated by SEPM members to developing countries.

In 1993 SEPM discontinued the mailing of old books and journals from donors' personal collections. However, SEPM continues to coordinate the donation of old books and journals by providing those wishing to make such donations with lists of names and addresses of needy institutions and/or geoscientists. Books and journals from individuals and institutions in North America are matched with the needs of selected recipients and mailing instructions are provided to donors.

Project Description:

Currently, the Friendship Programs Committee has two primary responsibilities:

--to assist institutions in developing countries and countries undergoing financial hardship to acquire publications in sedimentary geology, and

--to oversee SEPM member-sponsored memberships for sedimentary geoscientists unable to pay for their own memberships.

The programs are supported primarily by monetary contributions to funds donated through the SEPM Foundation Inc. Additionally, members of SEPM have the option of donating their personal subscriptions to the Journal of Sedimentary Research and/or PALAIOS to a needy institution or individual if they so choose. Determination of individuals and institutions who qualify as recipients is established by questionnaire.

Materials offered: back runs of journals, current journal subscriptions, used books.

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Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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