United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

475 Riverside Drive, Room 1221
New York, NY 10115
Phone: (212) 870-2600
Fax: (212) 870-2322
E-Mail: don@ubchea.org
Contact: Information not available.
Officers: Dr. David W. Vikner, President
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Information not available.
Geographical Area: Information not available.
General Description:

See Project Description.

Project Description:

Contributes to higher education in Asia by strengthening Asian colleges and universities, with emphasis on China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The board is a cooperative agency through which the Christian community and others develop programs to assist in the areas of faculty development, library development, research, capital projects, administration, and exchange of academic personnel between North America and Asia. Particular attention is given to women's educational concerns and to programs that encourage faculty and students to respond to community social and developmental needs. The organization is primarily a development assistance (education support) entity with secondary religious operations.

Donation Sources: Information not available.
Citation: Report of American Voluntary Agencies Engaged in Overseas Relief and Development Registered with the US Agency for International Development

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