Books Abroad

Publications available include new and second-hand school textbooks and library books.

This service is completely free. Books Abroad needs to communicate with a person in authority in the requesting organization to create a link for feedback on the arrival, condition and the suitability of books received. Books Abroad is usually unable to respond to specific requests. Any problems should be intimated as soon as possible. Books Abroad aims to provide quality selections rather than quantity and also include a pack of books as a teacher resource.

Richmond Ave.
Rhynie Huntly Aberdeenshire AB54 4HJ
Phone: 01464 861446
Fax: 01464 861446
Contact: Mrs. Kirsteen Cullingworth, Administrator
Officers: Information not available.
Affiliation(s): Information not available.
Overseas Offices: Information not available.
Geographical Area: Developing countries worldwide and Eastern Europe.
General Description:

Books Abroad is a local organisation staffed by volunteers and one part-time administrator. They collect second-hand books, school sets and fiction from all over Scotland. These are supplemented by new books (Atlases, dictionaries, English language texts) when funds allow. The books are individually selected to match the requests from each institution as indicated on the Selection Guide, previously filled in by the school and returned to Books Abroad. Each shipment consists of 5 x 5kg parcels (approximately 100 books) which are sent by surface mail and containers, directly to the schools. All parcels are wrapped in clear polythene and stamped from Books Abroad.

Project Description:
Donation Sources: Information not available.
Citation: Sources of Donated Books & Periodicals for Peace Corps Volunteers for Schools & Libraries, 1996 (RE003)

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