Intra-African Book Support Scheme (IABSS)

c/o African Books Collective Ltd
The Jam Factory
27 Park End Street
Oxford OX1 lHU
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Contact: Mary Jay
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General Description:

Established in 1991 with financial support from the donor organisations Charity Projects (Comic Relief) UK and DANIDA (Denmark), this book donation scheme is jointly administered by African Books Collective Ltd (ABC) and Book Aid International (formerly the Ranfurly Library Service). Twelve (mainly university) African academic libraries who have in recent years been unable to purchase African books published outside their own country because of the chronic foreign exchange constraints have selected titles from the then twenty African publisher members of the African Books Collective (ABC), giving them core collections in their selected fields. Subsequently, all new titles from ABC member publishers (now numbering 48) fitting the library's selected profile, are donated.

Project Description:

Services offered: donation

Materials offered: new books

SAREC (Sweden) is supporting the addition of two further African university libraries, and additional purchases for three of the original twelve libraries. This support is pledged for 1993- 1996.

Each library is in a different African country; and this is probably the first time that a significant component of African-published material has been included in a book donation scheme resulting in African books crossing borders. This helps to ensure that students and scholars in one part of Africa can gain access to the scope and vitality of African publishing from other parts of the continent. The scheme also helps to stimulate African publishing.

In 1992, the Ministry for Development Cooperation of the Netherlands Government supported the launch of the Children's Book Support Scheme as part of IABSS. Over 13,000 children's books (188 copies of 71 different titles) were sent to children's libraries, rural community centres, orphanages and primary schools in eight African countries. Funding was renewed for 1993-95. Together with grants from the EU and a small private trust, altogether to date 32,367 units representing over 300 children's titles have been shipped to Africa.

Practical difficulties of distribution within Africa prevent location of the scheme on the continent. Meanwhile, it is simple, practical and efficient to promote the flow through ABC in Oxford and Book Aid International in London.

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