International Campus Book Link (ICBL)

Book Aid International
2 Coldharbour Place
39-41 Coldharbour Lane
London SE5 9NR
Phone: (44 171) 733 3577
Fax: (44 171) 978 8006
Contact: Carolyn Sharples, Manager, ICBL Project. An alternative contact is David Membrey, Deputy Director, Book Aid International.
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General Description:

ICBL is a tertiary-level distribution scheme of Book Aid International (known as the Ranfurly Library Service until 1994). It was established in 1992 after a successful pilot in 1988 and aims to provide both up to date, relevant books and journals as well as back runs of journals in response to requests from partner universities, research and teaching institutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

Project Description:

Services offered: clearinghouse, coordination, donation

Materials offered back runs of journals, current subscriptions, new books, remaindered books, used books.

ICBL is title-specific. Requests for journal titles and years are matched to UK donations using a database. Partner institutions are asked to send lists of the journals they require as well as subject specifications. Journals are then allocated as they are donated or offered to interested institutions, if there are no requests, in a quarterly questionnaire. At present books are offered on a subject basis. A specialist tertiary book requirements form enables selection of books in accordance with partner specifications. A Title Listing Scheme began in 1995. This provides partners with detailed information about tertiary books in stock so that they can select those publications most appropriate for their libraries.

In 1994 a Subscription Support Scheme was established to encourage UK donors to continue to donate journals at the end of each year. These are then sent to the same partner each year to create a degree of sustainability. To date over 350 donors are participating in the scheme.

Publisher support is being developed to provide current subscriptions. Response has been positive. Sage Publications have agreed to supply 150 current subscriptions for the next three years to ten partners who choose which they would like from the Sage catalogue. Other publishers who are supporting the project include Taylor Francis, Blackwell Scientific and Oxford University Press.

A pilot project to purchase new subscriptions is now in its pilot stage. The Beit Trust has provided funding for Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. Two partners in each country have been asked to send lists of the top twenty priority journals they are unable to obtain either from donations or by purchase. Publishers were approached once the lists were returned to elicit good discounts to enable the ICBL to purchase approximately eight subscriptions for each partner. The response from publishers has been fairly good overall, and ICBL has now purchased its initial journals through this scheme.

ICBL is funded by the Overseas Development Administration (UK) and the Subscription Support Scheme by Citibank until 1996.

The current partner countries are Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania' Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Citation: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

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