A Photo Essay: Visits to Sarajevo and Tuzla June 15 - 22, 1997

Kemal Bakarsic, Director of Sabre's Partner Organization in Sarajevo. Warehouse with Photos of Destroyed National and University Library.

Warehouse Storage for Sabre's Shipments. Space provided by the Philosophy Faculty, University of Sarajevo.

Kemal Bakarsic and Tuzla Volunteers Preparing for Shelving and Distribution (Left Photograph).

Sabre Books Being Packed for Delivery to Tuzla (Right Photograph).

National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. First Phase of Reconstruction, Project Funded by the Austrian Government.

Destroyed Dome of National and University Library (Left Photograph).

Boarded Windows: First Signs of Reconstruction (Right Photograph).

Details of Ruined Splendor.

Temporary Headquarters (Maka Dizdara 2, Sarajevo) of the National and University Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sorting and Cataloging the Few Remains of the Collection.

Still a Mountain of Work.

Children's Books to be Distributed to Orphanages and Pre-Schools in Tuzla. Enisa Zunic, Director of National and University Library, Tuzla (left); Tania Vitvitsky, Project Director, Sabre Foundation (center).

Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian Muslim Children Together. Dom za Nezbrinutu Djecu Orphanage, Advija Hercegovac, Director, Slavinovici, Tuzla, June 20, 1997.

Young Girls in the Dormitory; Teen Idols in the Background. Dom za Nezbrinutu Djecu Orphanage, Tuzla (Left Photograph).

Children's Communal Life: Stealing a Quick Sip. Nase Dijete - Pcelica Pre-School, Tuzla, June 20, 1997 (Right Photograph).

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