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Guidelines for Publishers

Background - Sabre Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) with the US Agency for International Development (AID). Sabre specializes in providing college, secondary and elementary level educational materials to institutions and individuals in Africa, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and selected countries in other regions of the world. Since 1986, Sabre has donated well over 4 million new books, journals, and CD-ROMs overseas. Around 200 publishers (ranging from commercial textbook publishers to academic and specialist presses) have participated in the program.

Materials Needed - Sabre actively solicits educational and professional materials across a range of levels, subjects and formats. Monographs, reference works, textbooks, journal subscriptions, audio and video cassettes, and CD-ROMs are all potentially of interest. Materials should be of recent publication date (i.e. within the last five years), although there are exceptions to this rule: a computer science title published more than three years ago would not generally be acceptable, while a classic work of literature published ten years earlier might well be. Publishers may restrict to which countries their materials are sent, although this obviously has a bearing on total quantities selected.

Donor Incentives - Commercial publishers may be eligible to receive an enhanced tax-deduction (as per Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) for making a donation of new, non-remaindered inventory to Sabre. Donations may also assist with inventory control and storage costs. Participating publishers are acknowledged in Sabre's annual reports and in-house publications. Sabre is also happy to provide a link on its World Wide Web site to the publisher's own home page. Donations make an invaluable contribution towards meeting the needs of students, scientists, health professionals, lawmakers, scholars and fledgling entrepreneurs in the countries served by Sabre.

Donation Guidelines - Publishers interested in donating to Sabre first provide a list (in paper form, on diskette, or via e-mail) which includes the following information for each title offered: full title; ISBN; author; date of publication; retail price; and quantity available for donation. A selection is made from this list and an "order" is placed with the publisher. Depending on the materials and quantities available, selections can range from under ten to over 1,000 copies per title. The donation is then shipped to Sabre's staffed and secure warehouse facility in Clinton, MA: trucking costs are typically borne by the donor. Unsolicited or unrequested donations are not accepted at the Sabre warehouse and are returned at the donor' s expense.

Sabre Warehouse Procedures - Deliveries to the Sabre warehouse are logged by the warehouse supervisor, who also forwards a copy of the packing list provided by the publisher to the Sabre office, whereupon the information is entered into an inventory database. The same database package is used to produce offering lists of materials available for donation abroad, from which Sabre's non-profit partner organizations may make a selection. Once their "orders" have been received, the books are removed from stock, packed in cartons, and stacked on pallets. These pallets are loaded into a sea container, which is sealed at the Sabre warehouse and which remains sealed until the partner takes receipt of it.

Distribution Overseas - Upon arrival, the container is cleared through customs by the partner and its contents are warehoused. The materials are then offered for selection by libraries, universities and other appropriate recipient organizations. Before being distributed, each book is stamped "Not for resale". Since Sabre Foundation treats the recipients of its aid as "customers without money", it also strives to employ at its US office and warehouse the same level of efficiency normally associated with commercial operations.

For further information, please contact Colin McCullough at colin@sabre.org.