Sabre-Svitlo 1997 Annual Report


Left to Right: Mrs. N. Matkivska, Mrs. W. G. Miller, Mrs. M. Vervir, Mrs. L. Bihun, Mr. W. G. Miller, the USA Embassador to Ukraine, and Mrs. O. V. Isaievych, Sabre-Svitlo's director at Lviv Opera House during Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton's visit to Lviv.

Prof. M. Bohachevska-Chomiak, Deputy Head of the UNWLA (left) and Mrs. O. Isaievych, Sabre-Svitlo's director at the exhibition room. [photo left]

Mrs. H. Kyseliova, Head of the Kharkiv branch of Sabre-Svitlo with some of their recipients [photo right]

Sabre-Svitlo's book exhibition at Ukranian House, Kyiv [above]

Sabre-Svitlo's staff and volunteers prepare to unload newly arrived book shipment [below]

Unloading is in the progress

Mrs. O. V. Isaievych during
the interview for Lviv TV studio

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