Political Communities and Gendered Ideologies in Contemporary Ukraine (The Petryshyn Memorial Lecture, Harvard University, 26 April 1994).

Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak

25 pp. ISBN 0-916458-72-5 booklet (HUP/BOHPOL) $3.00


Poland Between East and West. The Controversies over Self-Definition and Modernization in Partitioned Poland (The August Zaleski Lectures, Harvard University, 18-22 April 1994).

Andrzej Walicki

50 pp. ISBN 0-916458-71-7 booklet (HUP/WALPOZ) $5.00


The Military Tradition in Ukrainian History: Its Role in the Construction of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

Kostiantyn P. Morozov et al.

1995. 93 pp. ISBN 0-916458-73-3 booklet (HUP/MORMIL) $5.00