I. Byzantium and the Slavs: In Letters and in Culture.

Ihor Sevcenko

This collection of articles, reviews, and other short pieces by the well-known Byzantinist, Ihor Sevcenko, is gathered together in one volume for the first time. The collection reflects the author's wide-ranging interests and his significant contributions to the study of the relationship between Byzantine and East Slavic culture.

Among the articles are included the author's now famous study, "Fragments of the Toparcha Gothicus," in which he demonstrates their nineteenth-century provenance at the hands of their "discoverer" Karl Benedikt Hase; the impact on Muscovite political ideology of the writings of Deacon Agapetus; and Sevcenko's discovery at St. Catherine's Monastery of Tischendorf's letters regarding the transfer of the Codex Sinaiticus to St. Petersburg.

The articles are supplemented with addenda, which review developments in the field since the original writing of the articles, and answer debates that arose following their original publication. The collection is essential for Slavists and Byzantinists alike, but is accessible to the general reader as well.

xii, 740 pp., illus., maps, photographs ISBN 0-916458-12-1 (clothbound) LC 88-81196 (HUP/SEVBYZ) $50.00