Alexander A. Potebnja's Psycholinguistic Theory of Literature: A Metacritical Inquiry

John Fizer

Archival Ucranica Abroad: Internationl Precedents and Archeographic Initiatives. A Case Study in the Reconstruction of the National Archive Heritage

Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

Between Gogol and Sevcenko: Polarity in the Literary Ukraine

George S.N. Luckyj

Between Poland and Ukraine: The Dilemma of Adam Kysil, 1600-1653

Frank E. Sysyn

Byzantine Roots Ukrainian Christianity

Ihor Sevcenko

Byzantium and the Slavs: In Letters and Culture

Ihor Sevcenko

The Catacomb Ukrainian Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II

Ivan Hvat

The Collected Works of Meletij Smotryc'kyj

Introduction by David A. Frick

Communism and the Dilemmas of National Liberation: National Communism in Soviet Ukraine, 1918-1933

James Mace

The Cossack Administration of the Hetmanate

George Gajecky

Crisis and Reform: The Kievan Metropolitanate, The Patriarchate of Constantinople, and The Genesis of The Union of Brest

Borys A. Gudziak

A Description of Ukraine

Guillaume Le Vasseur, Sieur de Beauplan. Translation and annotations by Andrew B. Pernal and Dennis F. Essar

The Diariusz podrozny and Other Writings of Pylyp Orlyk

Introduction by Omeljan Pritsak and Orest Subtelny

An Early Slavonic Psalter from Rus'. Volume I

Moshé Altbauer and Horace G. Lunt, editors

The Edificatory Prose of Kievan Rus'

Translated by William R. Veder and with introductions by William R. Veder and Anatolij A. Turilov

Ethnicity and National Identity: Demographic and Socio-economic Characteristics of Persons with Ukrainian Mother Tongue in the United States

Oleh Wolowyna, editor

The Eyewitness Chronicle

Reprint Orest Levyc'kyj Edition

From Kievan Rus' to Modern Ukraine: The Formation of the Ukrainian Nation


The Great Soviet Peasant War. Bolsheviks and Peasants, 1917-1933

Andrea Graziosi

The Hagiography of Kievan Rus'

Translated with an Introduction by Paul Hollinsworth

A History of Ukrianian Industry

Oleksander Ohloblyn

Hryhorij Hrabjanka's The Great War of Bodhan Xmel'nyc'kyj

Introduction by Yuri Lutsenko

The Hypatian Codex II: The Galician-Volynian Chronicle

George A. Perfecky, translator

The Jevanhelije ucytelnoje of Meletij Smotryc'kyj

Introduction by David A. Frick

La Littérature Historique Soviétique-Ukrainienne

Myron Korduba

L'Empire ottomn et les pays roumains 1544-1545

Mihnea Berindei and Gilles Veinstein

Lev Krevza's Defense of the Church Unity (1617) and Zaxarija Kopystens'kyj's Palinodija or Book of Defense of the Holy Apostolic Eastern Catholic Church and Holy Patriarchs (1620-1623)

Translated with an Introduction by Bohdan Struminsky

Lev Krevza's Obrona iednosci cerkiewney and Zaxaija Kopystens'kyj's Palinodija

Introduction by Omeljan and Bohdan Struminsky

A Lexical Atlas of the Hutsul Dialects of the Ukrainian Language

Compiled and edited by Janusz A. Rieger

The Life of Paisij Velyckovs'kyj

Translated by Jeffrey Featherstone with and Introduction by Anthony-Emil N. Tachiaos

The Lords' Jews: Magnate-Jewish Relations in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 18th Century

M.J. Rosman

The Many Worlds of Peter Mohyla

Ihor Sevcenko

Meletij Smotryc'kyj

David A. Frick

The Military Tradition in Ukrainian History: It's Role in the COnstruction of Ukraine's Armed Forces

Kostiantyn P. Morozov et al.

Nationbuilding and the Politics of Nationbuilding: Essays on Austrian Galicia

Andrei S. Markovits and Frank E. Sysyn, editors

Odessa: A History, 1794-1914

Patricia Herlihy

The Old Rus' Kievan and Galician-Volhynian Chronicles: The Ostroz'kyj (Xlebnikov) and Cetvertyns'kyj (Pogodin) Codices

Introduction by Omeljan Pritsak

The Origin of Rus'. Volume I: Old Scandinavian Sources other than the Sagas

Omeljan Pritsak

The Origin of the Old Rus' Weights and Monetary Systems: Two Studies in Western Eurasian Metrology and Numismatics in the Seventeenth to Eleventh Centuries

Omeljan Pritsak

An Orthodox Pomjanyk of the Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries

Moshé Altbauer in collaboration with Ihor Sevcenko and Bodham Struminsky

The Ottoman Survey Register Of Podolia (ca. 1681). Defter-i Mufassal-i Eyalet-i Kamaniçe

Dariusz Kolodziejczyk

The Paterik of the Kievan Caves Monastery

Translated with an Introduction by Muriel Heppell

A Phonetic Description of the Ukrainian Language

Ivan Zilyns'kyj. Wolodymyr T. Zyla and Wendell M. Ancock, translators

The Poet as Mythmaker: A Study of Symbolic Meaning in Taras Sevcenko

George Grabowicz

Poland Between East and West. The Controversies over Self Definition and Modernization in Partitioned Poland (The August Zaleski Lectures, Harvard University, 18-22 April 1994)

Andrzej Walicki

Political Communities and Gendered Ideologies in Contemporary Ukraine (The Petryshyn Memorial Lecture, Harvard University, 26 April 1994)

Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak

Protestants in the Ukrainian Lands of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

George Hunston Williams

Pseudo-Melesko: A Ukrainian Apocryphal Parliamentary Speech of 1615-1618

Bohdan Struminsky

Republic vs. Autocracy: Poland-Lithuania and Russia, 1686-1697

A.S. Kaminski

Russian Centralism and Ukrainian Autonomy: Imperial Absorbtion of the Hetmanate, 1760s-1830s

Zenon E. Kohut

Selected Contributions of Ukrainian Scholars to Economics

I.S. Koropeckyj, editor

Sermons and Rhetoric of Kievan Rus'

Translated with an Introduction by Simon Franklin

Seventeenth Century Writings on the Kievan Caves Monastery

Introduction by Paulina Lewin

The Shaping of a National Identity: Sub-carpathian Rus', 1848-1948

Paul R. Magocsi

Skovoroda: Dichter, Denker, Mystiker

Dmitrij Tschizewskij

Socialism in Galicia: The Emergence of Polish Social Democracy and Ukrainian Radicalism (1860-1890)

Joun-Paul Himka

Sources and Studies on the Ottoman Black Sea. vol. 1. The Customs of Caffa, 1487-1490

Halil Inalcik

The Struggle for National and Constitutional Rights in the Last Years of Tsarism: The Life of Bogdan A. Kistiakovsky

Susan Heuman

Suppression of Ukranian Activites in 1876

Fedir Savcenko

Studies on the Literary Tradition of Medieval Orthodox Slavdom

Riccardo Picchio. Ed. by Harvey Goldblatt

Testament to Ruthenian: A Linguistic Analysis of the Smotryc'kyj Variant

Stefan M. Pugh

Toward a History of Ukrainian Literature

George Grabowicz

The Ukraine, 1917-1921: A Study in Revolution

Taras Hunczak, editor

Ukrainian Catholics and Orthodox in Poland and Czechoslovakia

Andrew Sorokowski

Ukrainian Dumy: Editio Minor

George Tarnawsky and Patricia Kilina, translators

Ukrainian Economic History: Interpretive Essays

I.S. Koropeckyj, editor

The Ukrainian Economy: Achievements, Problems, Challenges

I.S. Koropeckyj, editor

Ukrainian Futurism, 1914-1930: An Historical and Critical Study

Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj

The Ukrainian Language in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (1900-1941): Its State and Status

George Y. Shevelov

The Ukrainian Orthodox Question in the USSR

Frank Sysyn