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Ukrainian Language Programs

Programs Associated with Ukrainian Studies, 1980-1995

Ukrainian Summer and Exchange Programs

Faculty with Research Interests in Ukraine

Ukrainian Professional Organizations

Ukrainian Cultural Institutions

Academic and Ukrainian Publishers

Educational Advising Centers in Ukraine


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About this directory

This directory was compiled in recognition of the frustrations that visiting scholars and students from Ukraine have when attempting to make contact with their North American counterparts, locate programs interested in Ukrainian studies, and find financial support for publishing, research, or study in the United States and Canada. While this information has been available in notable books and directories such as the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies'Directory of Programs in Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies and Directory of Members 1994-96, the Center for Civil Society International's The Post-Soviet Handbook, and the European Foundation Centre's International Guide to Funders Interested in Central and Eastern Europe, these sources have not been directed uniquely to scholars of a specific country such as Ukraine. Moreover, much of the information pertaining to Ukrainian studies in North America has been dispersed in various files of individuals and organizations working in the field.

The Academic Directory for Ukrainian Scholars: Research Opportunities in North America has two purposes. The first purpose is to provide names and addresses of faculty and programs in Ukrainian studies. Programs include universities that, one, provide Ukrainian language instruction; two, permit some level of undergraduate and graduate study in Ukrainian topics; and three, offer summer school courses related to Ukraine or sponsor exchange programs with academic institutions in Ukraine. In addition, information has been included for professional organizations, cultural institutions, and publishers. These programs have been listed in order to help scholars locate institutions at which they may further their research, studies, or teaching, as well as initiate possible collaborative or publishing projects.

Faculty information is organized according to discipline and provides, when available, the individual's departmental address, telephone and fax number, and e-mail account. Scholars applying to undergraduate or graduate programs may wish to contact faculty in their intended field of study to establish connections that could provide academic advice as well as lead to letters of recommendation--a very important component of the overall application process. Postgraduates may want to communicate with their North American colleagues to begin cooperative projects or exchange programs. Scholars interested in furthering their studies in North America should first consult the Educational Advising Centers that have been established in Ukraine by the International Research and Exchanges Board, the American Council of Teachers of Russian, and the Soros Foundation. These centers advise students about study and research opportunities in North America, provide information on financial aid, and administer tests necessary for admittance to various programs.

The second component of this directory is to direct Ukrainian scholars to funding sources in North America that will support undergraduate or graduate education, research in the humanities, sciences, and interdisciplinary studies, travel, publications, technical assistance, special projects, and teaching. Scholars should consult the sponsor to obtain application forms and guidelines, as well as to verify that the program of interest will be offered in a given year. Once these materials are received, applicants should make sure that they qualify for the program. If they do not, then they should not apply. Some of the funding agencies in this directory provide support only to U.S. citizens or residents. These sources have been included in this directory because they fund collaborative projects. Scholars in Ukraine may wish to have colleagues in the U.S. apply on their behalf.

This compilation represents a first attempt to create a centralized directory of individuals, universities, professional associations, cultural institutions, publishers, and nonprofit enterprises with interest in Ukraine. Since this preliminary version is by no means comprehensive--an ever greater number of people and groups are active in Ukrainian projects--users are encouraged to help update and perfect this directory by contacting the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University. Electronic comments are welcome.


The idea for this directory was initiated by Roman Szporluk, Director of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, and developed by Robert DeLossa, Managing Editor of the Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies. Andrew Sorokowski, Managing Editor of Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Roman Procyk, Ukrainian Studies Fund, and Halyna Hryn, Director of the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute, all submitted important information about faculty members, programs, publishers, and granting agencies with interests in Ukraine. Additional scholarship information was provided by Dora Horbachevsky, Oxana Jacyk, and Alexander Pivovarsky.


Updated 12/6/96

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Research Opportunities in North America

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