Ukrainian Research Institute
Harvard University

Working Papers

  Authors TITLE
Working Paper #1 Geoff Dubrow Legacies of an Early Post-Totalitarian State: Corruption and Economic Reform in Ukraine
Working Paper #2 Serguei Milenin
Sergei Skokov
Elizabeth Supeno
The Chornobyl Accident and the Future of Nuclear Energy: The Path Towards Safety and Sustainability
Working Paper #3 Robert S. Kravchuk, Ph.D. Budget Deficits, Hyperinflation, and Stablization in Ukraine: 1991-96
Working Paper #4 Taras Kuzio Bibliography of Secondary Sources on Contemporary Ukraine. (Note: an updated version of this bibliography is now at the Ukrainian Centre of the University of North London.)
Working Paper #5 Oksana Nagayets Index of the Journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies
Working Pape #6 Patricia Grimstead Bach Scores in Kyiv: The Long-Lost Music Archive of the Berlin Sing-Akademie Surfaces in Ukraine

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